El Nopal

sullivant avenue columbus, west side taco trucks

El Nopal
3528 Sullivant Avenue
Open 11am-10pm daily except Wednesday

Click here to map it!

We’ve been taco trucking enough that we can recognize ‘recycled’ trucks, even when they’ve been repainted. El Nopal is the formerly pink Mi Chula, a much missed Mexican seafood kitchen. As an added curiosity, the menu board is from the old Otro Rollo truck, which was briefly known as El Milagro. I doubt this will be the last we’ll see of it.

Given the heritage of the menu board it’s not too surprising that it doesn’t relate terribly closely to what is on offer (or at least what was on offer during our visit). The pictures on the other side of the truck seemed the truer guide: tacos, huaraches, tortas and hamburguesas as well as (pictured below) sopes and gorditas. Burritos and quesadillas are likely as well.

taco trucks columbus

The meat options were limited on our visit (chicken, steak, lengua, pork), but they do have a small al pastor spit that we’re told will be used on weekends.

The truck resides in the parking lot of its parent restaurant of the same name.


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4 responses to “El Nopal

  1. Joseph

    Thanks Bethea nad Andy for getting us back into the mood for our pursuit of the lovely taco. Spring is coming and taco truck season will be at its best.

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  3. Sean

    I know your mission is taco trucks. But the food inside the restaurant is worthy of your other website. I’d plan a trip on a Saturday when they are serving soup de posole, menudo and other weekend exclusive dishes.
    I recently feasted on their adobo con puerco con verdolagas. It was spicy, smokey and delicious. Enough for two which I foolishly(?) consumed on my own.

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