Taqueria El Fogoncito

al pastor tacos gringas columbus

El Fogoncito
(near) 2733 Morse Road
(west of the intersection of Morse Road and Westerville Road)
Hours: Closed Mondays 11am-11pm Other days.

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Good new al pastor fans, the brother of Los Guachos’ owner has opened his own taco truck on the North-East side of town. El Fogoncito is offering Mexico City style al pastor and a menu similar to Los Guachos. The truck had its grand opening this weekend and was already doing a brisk business on its first weekend. We’ll post better photos soon, but in the mean time we wanted to share it with you as soon as possible.

al pastor, taco trucks in columbus

Fogoncito, translated, means ‘little stove’, but there’s nothing diminutive about the truck. It’s palatial – bigger and shinier than even Los Guachos with a little more seating and an impressive kitchen. El Fogoncito is also the name of the restaurant in Mexico City that claims to be the inventor of the gringa. For those who have not visted Los Guachos, a gringa is a soft flour tortilla with caramelized cheese, your choice of meat (most commonly al pastor), onion and cilantro.

taco trucks columbus

El Fogoncito offers gringas, tacos, tortas and carnequeso which is a corn tortilla taco with cheese. Like Los Guachos they also offer 2 for 1 tacos on Tuesdays. Meat options are spit-roasted al pastor (marinated pork), asada (steak), suadero (rose beef), chicken and tripe. Gringas come in ‘single’ or ‘double’. Campechanas is also offered which means a mix of two meats. El Fogoncito also has some specialty plates including alambres and chupa cabras – steak, al pastor, cheese, onions, pineapple, mushrooms, cactus and grilled jalapenos.

gringas, tacos

Salsas and condiments are also similar to Los Guachos with a mild avocado cilantro sauce, a smoky chili de arbol salsa and bowls of onion and habanero relish.

If you love Los Guachos is safe to say that we think you’ll love El Fogoncito too.

El Fogoncito offers 2 for 1 al pastor and chicken tacos on Tuesdays.


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37 responses to “Taqueria El Fogoncito

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  2. Cindy

    Two co-workers and I checked out this truck today. Very tasty, quick service, and really appreciated the counter stools, condiments, and free cucumbers! $7.50 + tip for 1 gringa, 2 tacos, and 1 soda. I highly recommend the al pastor.

  3. bigcat39

    This truck compares favorably to Los Gauchos. The pastor is a bit different, the meat is left with a bit more fat. Salsas seem to be the same. MUCH closer to us, And no glass in the parking lot!

  4. resume for mining jobs

    nice truck, converted to a restaurant.. cool

  5. jillian

    Been there! Its really good!

  6. Van

    Went with some buddies for lunch today. Very good, nice burn from the habanero and onion condiment.

  7. evild

    Great food just like Los Guachos. The Al Pastor Tortas rock my world! After some messy torta-eating, I love that they have a little sink on the exterior of the truck so you can wash up!

  8. Place is fantastic. I’ve been there at least once a week since they opened, and it’s starting to become more like 2-3/week.

  9. Jan

    I really like the al pastor Gringas. I have to have at least one a week. the pork is so flavorful and the pineapple is grilled. Great friendly quick service. My favorite on the north side.

  10. Bear

    They serve chupacabra? Somebody has a sense of humor….


  11. Christoph

    Gringas are fantastic! Just visited today, (a Tuesday) and sadly didn’t see anything about the 2 for 1 tacos. That wont’ stop me from coming back.

  12. Michelle

    Where did it go? We drove over for gringas last night, and the truck is gone. So disappointed!

  13. Presumably closed for the Winter – I didn’t get a chance to ask them just before I went on vacation. I went up last week and they had it hitched up.

    Wonder if anyone can get some confirmation..this will be a long winter. :/

  14. patient_zero

    Taqueria el Fogoncito reopened tonight, at the NE corner of Morse and Westerville Roads, in a former used car lot like before! They will now be open 7 days a week and added lengua to their menu.

  15. Best news – going there today.

  16. White guy in silver car

    I had al pastor gringa the other day. It was really tasty.
    A previous poster said they have lengua. I’d like to try it, so what does it taste like? I’ve always been a little creeped out about eating beef tongue but I should try it anyway.

    • hungrywoolf

      Lengua pretty much tastes like pot roast. Seriously – it tastes of beef. Preparations vary a lot between trucks and it can be juicy and shredded or cooked on the grill in small cubes.

  17. Joe

    Just went today. Had a chicken gringa double. It was awesome. Next time I will definitely try the chicken pastor.

    • hungrywoolf

      Joe – Al Pastor is marinated pork. It is the specialty of El Fogoncito so if you eat pork you should definitely try it.

  18. Brett

    Just a quick update — currently the truck is closed on Thursdays.

  19. Jan

    It’s gone! Even the old used car lot trailer is gone. Anyone know where it moved?

  20. Brett

    Any guess or estimate when it will be open again?

  21. Michelle

    We’re wondering, too! Hope to see it back soon.

  22. Brett

    OK — so no updates and not looking good at seeing them again. Anyone have any new info on when or if they’ll reopen?

  23. Reeny

    This taco truck has moved. Where is it now?

  24. I was informed today that they are back! I believe they were just before Westerville Rd on the south side of Morse. Haven’t been able to confirm this myself.

    • Brett

      Dude — thanks for the head’s up! Yes, they’re open. Ate lunch there today.

    • Liz M.

      It’s true! They are back. Just passed them yesterday! Heading East on Morse, It’s on the right after Westerville Rd. slightly West of where it previously was. They have a huge sign when your driving East that you can’t miss!

  25. Brett

    All FYI – as of the re-opening they are closed on Mondays. (Used to be Thursdays)

  26. Eric

    B.O.G.O. On al pastor tacos on Wednesdays after 4pm! So glad they are back and close to Easton.

  27. T Bone

    This place is great! The tacos pastor rock! Good size portion. Free cucumbers and hot pepper onion mix. One of the best trucks in town!

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