Tres Reyes

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421 Georgesville Rd  (Near railroad tracks and U Haul location)
Open every day 9.30am-10.30pm or later.

Click here to map it.

Taqueria Tres Reyes is the latest incarnation of the truck formerly known as Super Torta II. The owners of Super Torta decided to focus on their restaurant (Super Torta on Georgesville) and sold the truck to a cousin (also from Oaxaca). The name means three kings because there are three joint owners. We guess they all wanted to be the boss!

taco truck menu

The menu is similar although they are not offering Tlayudas. We had a carnitas torta which was good and a couple of tacos. The lengua was very tender. The tortas are a little different to other trucks. They do not use any lettuce, they use black beans instead of pinto beans and they use Oaxacan string cheese. The torta Oaxaca and milanesa were recommended by other customers. The truck only opened last week so we expect the menu may develop over time but the offerings so far are solid.

tres reyes taqueria  columbus


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3 responses to “Tres Reyes

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  3. Sean

    Have they moved or gone elsewhere? They weren’t at their spot early in April.

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