Taqueria La Fonda

east side taco trucks columbus

3330 E. Broad Street
open everyday except Sunday from 10.30am to 8pm.

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Taqueria La Fonda is a good addition to the East Side taco truck scene. It’s located on the North side of East Broad Street just east of the intersection with James.

Offerings include the standard tacos, tortas and burritos as well as tamales and crispy corn tortillas (think taquito or flauta) – either chicken or beef served with lettuce, cheese and crema. The tamales (we had red) were good – plump, light and moist.

columbus mexican food

They also have sincronizadas which are similar to a quesadilla but contains ham and cheese. Usually, in our experience, a sincronizada is made with two tortillas stacked like a sandwich but as you can see this one was one large tortilla folded.

taco trucks columbus

Meat options include chicken, al pastor, chorizo, steak, barbacoa, lengua and chicharron stewed in green sauce (pictured below with a taco de lengua). Chicharron guisado is in our opinion one of the more challenging taco truck dishes.

taqueria la fonda columbus

There is a good selection of tortas with some additional meat options.

taqueria la fonda ohio


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4 responses to “Taqueria La Fonda

  1. “Chicharron guisado is in our opinion one of the more challenging taco truck dishes.”
    How is it challenging? To make? to eat? Just curious. I like other versions of chicarron I have tried at other trucks. Thanks!

    • hungrywoolf

      We meant to eat. We find that for most people stewed subcutaneous fat is a challenging texture. It obviously has its fans or the trucks wouldn’t offer it.

  2. MoFo

    +1 on Taqueria La Fonda. Ate there on Monday afternoon. Just had the al pastor tacos, but they were great. Nice, kind lady, too.

  3. sg

    Where are you, La Fonda?! The truck is gone from Broad & James, and no one answers the phone, either.

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