El Halcon

behind 3000 Sullivant Ave
Open 11am – 10pm, 7 days/week

Click here to map it! 

(update – it’s hard to spot from the road but it is behind the building in between La Bodega Market and Koki’s tortilleria). Wide menu with some unusual offerings. All tacos are $2).

It’s always a pleasure to be able to share a good new taco truck with our readership, and El Halcon is good.

It’s also brand-spankin’ new, and as clean and tidy as any truck we’ve ever seen. The owners started with an unmodified trailer and outfitted it with their own kitchen which, somewhat atypically, includes a full gas range in addition to the typical plancha (flat cooking surface). We’re eager to see what their plans are for that!

Portions are generous. The tortillas for tacos are larger than the usual, and are filled with a surprisingly large quantity of meat. Three of their tacos would make for a full meal.

We’ve never seen lengua served like this at a taco truck before (above, left) – literal slabs of it piled high. It was tender, juicy, and thoroughly flavorful. The carne asada, right, was also solid.

Having passed our usual taco truck test order with flying colors, we moved into more adventurous territory. ‘Zazonada’ was a term we’d never come across, so a zazonada taco was next. Appearance-wise, it struck us as little more than carne asada tossed with a sauce, but the char of the beef mixed with the deeply umami quality of the sauce meant that the whole was resoundingly greater than the sum of its parts. We suspect there might have been some soy sauce in there somewhere, but whatever it was (and the owners aren’t telling)… it was delicious.

As was their sope, which we tried with chorizo. The whole thing was good, but the masa base was exceptional – crispy on the bottom with a tender interior.

The shell of their gordita was similarly satisfying. We tried their ham and cheese version, and thought it would be the perfect thing for someone who wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about latino flavors. You could imagine someone selling these as an alternative to the traditional grilled cheese and doing well. El Halcon also sells a wide variety of more traditionally filled gorditas.

On a second tasting trip the focus was Tortas. The sandwiches are large, loaded down with the meat of your choice and plenty of toppings. Having sampled Tortas from Geoegesville Road to Cleveland Ave, the El Halcon Torta rates at the top.

Ready to take a trip to Broad & Harris yet?


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10 responses to “El Halcon

  1. Kat

    absolutely ready for a trip. la lengua sliced, yum! just what I was looking for. as when my mom cooked it at home, good memories! also, the ham and cheese gordita would be perfect for my little boy, who’s picky about spices and no sauce. how’s the pricing? do they run on cash only or cards accepted?

    • tacodrew

      To be honest, we didn’t make note of the prices (and I’m not sure if all of the prices were posted). Everything above, plus two bottled sodas cost $14. That seems in line with most trucks.

      We didn’t specifically ask about credit, but its safe to assume that cash is the way to go.

  2. Have you guys seen the one on W. Broad about a block south of Hague? It is definitely new to us, but we were driving by too fast for me to catch the name.

    Also, in slightly unrelated news – Smokin’ Joes BBQ. Now that the fib festival season is pretty much over, they’re going to be setting up in the parking lot of the gas station at James Rd & Broad St (right next to where Sammy’s used to be) every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the meat getting done around noonish. It wasn’t quite ready when we stopped by, but we’re planning on going back tomorrow to get some. Just thought I’d give you guys a heads up so you can keep your eye out for it.

  3. patient_zero

    I want to go to Broad and Harris so they can slip me some thick tongue! First slabbed tongue I’ve seen from a Columbus taco truck – usually strips or cubes.

  4. taqueria el halcon


  5. taqueria el halcon

    to all my customer merry christmas! from taqueria el halcon

  6. TomatoPie

    Wonderful taco truck! Very fresh, delicious and great service. The chorizo is great and the tongue is excellent.

    They are on Sullivant (by Binns near Koki’s tortillas), not Broad street. I hope this website can be updated soon to reflect that.

  7. Nells

    Like others have said, this is a great truck. We had a chorizo torta along with lengua and zazonada tacos. The torta compares very well to the best item I’ve eaten at any truck (campenchano burrito at Taco Nazo).

  8. Frank

    They have moved. Now over at 3160 East Main Street. Since they are near me I had to try them out. WOW! I am happy they are only 2 miles away!

  9. TomatoPie

    Jealous! I’m sad they moved to the east side, but I’m happy they are still in business.

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