Mi Chula

ceviche in columbus

3866 Sullivant Ave (next to the Mexican Bakery)
Open Thursday-Monday 11am-9pm

Click here to map it!

Mi Chula is a truck reborn. We first came upon this truck in 2009, but it disappeared shortly after our initial visit and had remained closed for the last two seasons.  As it’s now open again with a new paint job, new owners, and a new location, we felt that it deserved a new post (the old post is included below).

Mi Chula’s focus is on mariscos (seafood) and particularly ceviche (citrus marinated seafood). Since ceviche is wonderfully refreshing and very popular in the hot months , we’d wager this’ll be a fair weather truck.

mariscos columbus ohio

Mi Chula’s ceviche is served on tostadas – a flat, deep fried, crispy tortilla. The options for toppings are: pescado (finely chopped fish ceviche), pulpo (diced octopus), kora (mix of cooked shrimp, mussels, and white fish), aguachile (spicy raw shrimp), camaron (shrimp), callo de acha (scallop), and chicken or pork (weekends only). Tostadas come topped with cucumber, onion and tomato.

ceviche in columbus

We particularly enjoyed the tostadas de pescado (mixed fish), aguachile (spicy shrimp ceviche) and pulpo (octopus).

Cazuelita is a seafood stew. Koctel is the Mexican version of shrimp cocktail, which is like a bloody mary crossed with shrimp cocktail (ketchup, hot sauce, clam juice and shrimp).

If seafood isn’t your thing, we recommend their exceptional weekend posole (pork soup with hominy) special.

mi chula taco truck

The following was our post about Mi Chula from 2009.

Ummm… say what?  Mi Chula?!  I’m even not going to begin to hazard an opinion on which definition of the word ‘chula’ should be understood as correct…

Anyhow, let’s not linger on that, because these guys are interesting for more than just their name.  Exhibit A:

Mi Chula

Ceviche kora and aguachiles.  Exhibit B:

You seeing this?  No barbacoa, asada, or buche – the menu is almost all (if not completely) seafood-based.  Pescetarians rejoice!

Since we stumbled upon this place as we were returning from the (ever-so-gluttonous) taco truck tour, our capacity for sampling Mi Chula’s wares was limited.  We did try the ceviche kora and aguachile, though.  The kora was a refreshing and summery mix of cooked shrimp, mussels, and a white fish topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions and served cold. The aguachile was an equally pleasing offering comprised of raw shrimp in a chile verde sauce with similar vegetable toppings.  We also managed to try the camarones al gusto – a generous portion of cooked shrimp in a garlicky red sauce – which were tasty and marred only by a slight excess of salt.

Obviously, a lot of intriguing options were left unexplored.  We intend to rectify that soon and will report back.  Watch this space!


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2 responses to “Mi Chula

  1. dave

    Heading there for lunch .. My TT trips have been way to sparce this year – DT

  2. Kat

    Saw this truck at the corner of Scioto Darby and Leap Road in Hilliard a couple of weeks ago, on the parking lot of the Sunoco. By the time we got around to stop there it was gone. Are any of you guys working on battling Hilliard? Please!

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