Dos Hermanos


2233 Morse Road (parking lot of Mike’s Auto)
Open Monday to Sunday 11 am to 11 pm
(May be off site for lunches, catering or special events)

The first thing to know about Dos Hermanos is that there are no brothers involved, but the truck is a family affair. Lisa Gutierrez met her husband Vincente while they worked together at the Cheesecake Factory. Lisa came to Columbus from the east coast to open the Cheesecake Factory at Easton – she got more than she bargained for with her new city. She married and came to see our city as home. She minds the truck during the day and Vincente takes over in the evening. Dominga Medina helps them out as well with some of her Oaxacan specialties.


Dos Hermanos does feature a few items that are less common in the world of Taco Trucks: mole sauce made from scratch by Dominga and hot chocolate. The menu features the standard taco truck fare of tacos, burritos and such. Our test run team found the salsas really stand out from the rest of the taco truck crowd. The three featured salsas are: Tomatillo and Jalapeno; Tomato and Jalapeno; and Avocado with Tomatillo and cilantro. The salsas are made fresh and taste that way. They are also made without oil which is less common in the taco truck trade.


Dominga makes Oaxaca style Tamales as a special at Dos Hermanos, some specials change by the day and sometimes run out early. If have you have been hesitant to try a taco truck due to “dontspeakspanishphobia” have no fear here, Lisa is a native speaker of English and has over a decade of experience with the Midwestern dialect.



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7 responses to “Dos Hermanos

  1. chairman

    I am curious about the gorditas. Those are still fairly rare in the taco truck world, right?

  2. Ed Ponce

    Is the number for the Dos Hermanos taco truck… 614.226.5286? i called but a Chinese woman answered and just ignored me. I want to know if the Tamales de Oaxaca have meat or chicken, and sauce inside or not

  3. Amanda

    I know Dominga and her cooking, her mole and tamales are amazing. Her tamales are filled with chicken or pork and salsa. And gorditas are good but over priced. I been eatting her food for over 4 years she’s a great cook.

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