El Tizoncito Taqueria (The Orange One)


2040 East Dublin Granville Road (In between Beechcroft and Maple Canyon)
Open: Monday to Thursday Noon to Midnight, Friday to Sunday Noon to 12:30 am or later

The first thing visitors need to know about El Tizoncito is that there are two Tizoncitos. This is the newest one and it is orange. As for the other (the original), we will write about it later – although it does hang out in this neck of the woods at the 2020 Night Club on the weekends. The second thing visitors may want to consider is don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge a taco truck by it’s exterior or lack of site ambiance. The fare here was much better than this veteran tasting team expected. The truck debuted in October (inspected and permitted by Columbus Public Health on 10/25/12).


The menu features a lot of “plate dishes” or platos. We were a bit skeptical of “D” Joker: beef, mushrooms, and a lot cheese served with a salad of lettuce, cucumber, radishes and tomato. The Gobacha included al pastor pork, cheese and pineapple (pictured below). Both of these dishes would be well worth a return trip.


We found the tacos a little bland but serviceable. We also noted, but were not able to try, the specials which included posole and Menudo.

Although there is a lot of competition among taco trucks in this stretch of town, El Tizoncito (the other) is above average compared to many of its neighbors and features some platters at a good value.

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