Taqueria El Tizoncito (The Blue One)


1030 Old Henderson Road (updated March 2015) – Next to Honest 1 Auto Care

Open 10:30 am to 9 pm Monday to Sunday

Carry Out Number: 614.477.6523

Weekend Late Night: Euphoria Night Club (? – not sure if this is still correct)
6252 Busch Blvd
_____ pm to 3:30 am (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

No you are not seeing double. There are two Tizoncitos. They are not connected. This one is blue. The other one is orange. This one is officially Taqueria El Tizoncito. The other one is El Tizoncito Taqueria.

Tizon can mean: live coal, brand, burning wood, firebrand or a smoldering piece of wood. A bit of taco truck history, long ago, before taco trucks Columbus was a concept there were rumors of a Taco Truck on Olentangy River Road that had been there for years….this is not the truck – it closed long ago, but is good to see a Mobile Mexican eatery back in one of the first Taco Truck haunts in town.


El Tizoncito has a standard taco truck fare with a couple of additions – mainly Tinga in multiple forms including quesadillas, Pambazos and Tostadas. The service is friendly, the older woman who works during the day loves to chat if you can speak some Spanish and she was very intrigued by the existence of the other Tizoncito. We may write more about this truck when (if) we do a post about Taco Trucks at 2020 Night Club.


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3 responses to “Taqueria El Tizoncito (The Blue One)

  1. chris

    I remember the truck that used to be there. Oh, it was soo good. I remember the current (AT THE TIME) owner of the drive thru telling us that one of the family members was arrested and sent back to mexico. A real shame. R.I.P winebego cafe (as I couldnt pronounce the spanish name).

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  3. William LeVan

    The blue truck is at the corner of Bethel and Bentley Lane,(exactly one mile west of the 315 off ramp at Bethel) by the rear of Monroe Muffler; open every day but Wednesday. I’ve only had the tacos, but they were delicious, just like we had in Puebla. The owner said he was from Mexico City so that makes sense.

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