El Mananero


To the West of 3700 Sullivant Ave.
Open 6 am to 6:30 pm every day

This new addition to the local taco truck scene adds some new items we have not encountered often. The most distinctive are the jugos naturales (natural juices). On the first recon trip we saw fresh bananas, oranges, beets and carrots that are chopped and blended to order. This trailer also serves breakfast (Desayunos), some seafood dishes (Mariscos) and a few baked goods. The staff was very friendly and the food all tasted very fresh. During the recon trip we sampled a Quesadilla – it was huge and filled with fresh chicken and lots of cheese. It was served with a small side of salad with sour cream and a very fresh green salsa. This trailer looks very promising so expect an update to this post at some point over the wintertime as we explore the menu in more depth.





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5 responses to “El Mananero

  1. i would love it if some of the taco trucks would come to springfield, ohio i hate driving to columbus to get some good mexician food

    • Shelly –
      There are two to three taco trucks in Springfield. Taqueria Reina at US 72 and John Street. Los Amigos Taqueria 1 block West of Burnett Rd and Main Street. Not sure if they are open in the winter but if you find one open let us know.

      • los amigos taqueria moved on south limestone then they just up and disappeared they were the best the taqueria reina the people there are kind of rude so i will not visit there

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  3. Rodrigo

    El Mañanero is our favorite place now, friendly and the food is great, we found out about it when we were on our way to los guachos which I think it is now more the name than anything, and trust me, we loved going there.
    The owner of El Mañanero happens to be from just outside my home town, Mexico City so I was very familiar with her manu, not the average “beans & rice” that everyone seems to be serving with Mexican food, one thing to note is that she sells mole that she makes herself, I believe she charges $14 for the container but it is worth it; last time we were there I had a torta de chivo (goat meat) and my wife had one of the quesadillas you were talking about. She made the tortilla there which made it even better.

    I definitely recommend the place, go ahead and try a “licuado” which is a fruit drink with milk in it, our personal favorite has to be the mango/pineapple combo. And she told us she makes tamales to sell them in the morning with atole, if you happen to be there, ask for the traditional Mexican laborer breakfast, the “guajolota” a tamal inside a bolillo or telera.

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