Columbus Taco Trucks: You’ve come a long way Bambina!

Taco Trucks crossed the decade mark in the Capital City last year. While still not quite mainstream, the acceptance of these kitchens on wheels has come a long way. While the non-taco truck mobile food scene has exploded since 2010, the number of taco trucks in Columbus has remained about the same, in the 35-40 range. However, the community has not stagnated. Taco Nazo, is now Super Taco Nazo as a trailer. The original Taco Nazo is being prepared to be a true mobile food vendor for roving lunches and catering around town starting in the spring. Juniors and El Mantinal Latino had added extra trucks for catering. The two spin-off brick and mortar restaurants from taco trucks (Super Torta and Los Gauchos) are still doing well. The Taco Truck has not been forgotten, not by any means.

This year something happened under the radar that deserves mention. Again, while still not embraced by Joe Average in Columbus, Taco Trucks have gone mainstream in one area….advertising. See the examples below.

nazo ad

From Crave Winter 2012 issue

el man flyer

a Valu-Pak coupon…one seen over several months in Clintonville.

Taco Trucks are putting money into the local economy via mainstream advertising…that is assimilation as American as it gets.

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