A project by Hungrywoolf (aka Bethia Woolf owner of Columbus Food Adventures), CMH Gourmand (Jim Ellison from Columbus Brew Adventures) and Taco Drew with help from many other Taco Truck enthusiasts and Columbus Underground posters.

This project was started in January 2009 to try and locate, sample and document the taco truck culture of Columbus Ohio. Here is an account of our taco truckin’ adventures.

Taco Truck Tidbits

In 2000, the Columbus Metropolitan area Latino population was 17,471 – 2.5% of our citizens. In 2005, it was 3.3%. Estimates (2009) of the local Latino population suggest 6% or more of the population is Latino. Local Latino immigrants come from several regions in Mexico as well as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the rest of Central America.

Taco Trucks are found in any city that has a significant Latino population. In Los Angeles, Houston as well as other locales, these mobile kitchens are a valued and celebrated part of local culture that adds spice to the people and palates of the community. Viva la Vida Taco!

We need your help to keep our information up to date. If you find a Taco Truck we do not have listed or if truck moves, changes a phone number, etc., please let us know so we can update our posts to share with everyone. Thanks.

e-mail updates: Taco Trucks Columbus

And to help you keep track of what the Taco Truckers are up to – by popular demand – Taco Trucks on Facebook

36 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Clay

    I love this site! This is awesome! I just found your site while looking up a Google Map. This should be done in every city/town. A map to all the taco trucks! That is awesome!

    (ok, maybe I am a little overly excited. But honestly it is just really hard to find good food while traveling some times. You just don’t know where things are, the hidden little gem type of places where even the locals barely know them. Besides, good Latin food can be hard to find!)

    I so have my eating cut out for me next time I pass through Columbus. I love the Taco trucks every time I am in LA, so it’s good to see other people value them and want them as part of an urban landscape in other parts of the country.

  2. Mmmm looks like I’ve been missing out on a great culinary experience in Columbus! Keep up the good work. I will continue to follow!

  3. Karen

    What a great site! Thank you for keeping it current–
    I didn’t see Mr. Grill Tacos on the list (unless I missed it) located at 1040 Georgesville Rd., (614)732-2773.

    Thanks again!

    • tacodrew

      Thanks Karen. we do have Mr Grill Tacos – an interesting one because they serve pupusas which none of the other open trucks do.

  4. Amanda

    Hey, FYI. I checked out another West Side Taco truck on Sullivant ave. It’s only been open a few days. While the taco truck’s food was good, what was even better was checking out the Mexican bakery next door and meeting the owner. He is incredibly friendly and the pastries look amazing — everything from croissant to traditional Mexican pastries. Unfortunately I don’t have the name off the top of my head. Be on the lookout!

  5. I posted this comment under the El Manantial truck, thinking that there was a general blog somewhere that ultimately listed all comments. Anyway, here is the comment.

    At St. Stephen the Martyr parish on the West Side, we have a large Latino community. This Sunday, starting at 1 pm, (after the noon Mass in Spanish) we are having a garage sale/carwash/TACO SALE! fundraiser. The proceeds from the fundraiser are going to the Bring The Sisters to Columbus fund; our parish, in conjunction with the Diocese of Columbus are bringing some missionary sisters from Mexico to aid in the Latino ministry throughout the Columbus area. So, if you want homemade, authentic tacos (and other food) and would like to contribute to a worthy cause, show up and buy some tacos! St. Stephen the Martyr Church, 4131 Clime Road; parish phone 614-272-5206. See the website link for the event flyer!

  6. Bobbo

    This is a great site! I visit frequently. I also found a group on Facebook! I never new eating tacos could be so exciting!


  7. Interesting coming across this. I did a report for the City of Columbus, focusing on taco stands, in 2006. If you want it I can forward you a pdf copy. I am currently doing work using GIS and taco stands in Oakland, California.

    • tacodrew

      Robert – Would love to see your report! Please send it to tacotruckscolumbus (at) live (dot) com

      Also interested to hear more of your work using GIS in Oakland.

  8. I recently moved to DC from Columbus and for the life of me can’t find a taco truck. I took you guys and your work for granted and I apologize. Not every city has an awesome website devoted to the city’s taco trucks.

    Who knew it was easier to get taco’s in Columbus OH than Wash DC.

    That said, y’all got any friends out east? What does a guy gotta do to get a taco around here?

  9. Benito

    Hey everyone! There is a new taco truck rolling out in Cincinnati at the end of March. It is called Taco Azul, but I can not vouch for the authenticity. I will post a review as soon as I am able to sample the food.

  10. As a native Ohioan now living in truck-infested NYC, you guys warm my little taco-lovin’ heart. When one of my Ohio friends tweeted about the surge in Columbus trucks and this site, I was amazed there was one truck, let alone enough for an entire blog about them. Way to go, Cowtown!

  11. Angel

    Hey I saw a new truck in Norton road, south of sullivant ave. passing la michoacana is in the sunoco gas station.

  12. Angel

    Is a new one in the sunoco gas station one block south from el camioncito, i went there and is delicious, i tried something named pabellon, they have central america and mexican food. You have to try, is really good “Sazon”.

  13. Angel

    The name of this truck is “El Patacon”

  14. Crystal

    not sure if you guys have heard, but boston recently held its first annual food truck festival. i think this is something columbus should look into — it would be a great opportunity to spread the word about all the amazing mobile eateries in central ohio!

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  16. Patrick

    I love this blog! I have found so many excellent spots from you guys. One question though: I’ve been trying to replicate taco truck fare in my own kitchen. Do you have any recommendations for where to get top quality corn tortillas in Columbus? Many of the smaller strip mall Mexican grocery stores have been disappointing.


    • tacodrew

      Most of the trucks get their tortillas from Koki’s on Sullivant (N side, east of Wilson). It may be useful to watch how the trucks heat the tortillas as well for best results.

      Plaza Tapatia is a good resource for other related ingredients.

  17. graciela

    el milagro brand blancos are the favorite in my family. They come in a white, red and yellow package. although it’s really all about heating them up correctly.

  18. Jeff K

    Regular reader and follower of @tacotruckscbus. Ive visited a number of the trucks and have never been disappointed. Do any of them offer tamales on a regular basis? Which have the best in your experience? Thanks!

    • hungrywoolf

      Taquikin on Morse Road usually have tamales every day.
      Mi Bandera grocery store on 161 has tamales at the weekend (sat-sun), as does Taco Nazo (Fri-Sat) also on 161. In December Taco Nazo plan to have tamales every day.
      Taqueria Davanne have tamales and I believe Juniors do too. Both on 5th Avenue in Victorian Village.
      There may be others too, so it’s worth asking as they often are not on the menu even if available.

  19. Chef Beefstick

    I just found this site and I love it! The only thing that I wonder, is are there similar sites out there specializing in other under appreciated cuisine? Burgers, brats, noodle stands, kebobs, etc… I’m quite familiar with the reviews of white tablecloth restaurants, but I want to know more about these hidden gems. Perhaps you could link to other similar sites (if they exist).

  20. aj

    hey there, I’m new to the site but have been visiting Taqueria Davanne for about a year and a half now (since I got to Cbus when I started at OSU). I’d like to explore more of the carts, but I’m not really sure where to start. There are just too many to choose from!! Do you guys do an annual tour of the city or anything like that?

    • tacodrew

      We actually run a company that does food tours, including a taco truck tour. See here:


      We’ve provided OSU with a group of discounted taco truck tickets that they sell to students for cheaper yet (through d-tix), so if you’re still in school there, that’d be a good way to go.

      If you just want to go it on your own, I’d recommend starting with Los Guachos and then trying out some of the other trucks in that area (see the map page).

      • aj

        Oh cool, I’ll definitely check out that area. I also just found out that one of the Latino Clubs on campus does a taco truck tour (instead of a bar crawl) as a fund raiser! I’m totally going to hop on that!

  21. Ed

    I dont see “El Conquistador” taco truck (corner of Lane Ave. and Kenny Rd) listed in your site. I am starting to believe that your site is not udpated often.

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