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El Taco Peton I

tamales in columbus
3881 Cleveland avenue
Columbus Ohio 43224
Monday to Saturday 9 am till 9:30 pm

El Peton has a broad menu with traditional taco truck offerings (tacos, quesadillas, tortas) but also some more unusual dishes:

  • Chalupas  –  a taco with mashed potato and onion and topped with lettuce and shredded chicken.
  • Huraches – a large masa base (sandal shaped and sized) topped with beans, meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream
  • Pambazo – a sandwich containing a fried potato and chorizo mixture, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. (served here with shredded chicken as well)
  • Sinchronizada – is like a quesadilla but it is made with two flour tortillas instead of one folded one and it usually contains ham.
  • Pupusa – popular Central American stuffed corn cake usually filled with cheese, beans, meat or a mixture of the three.

mexican food in columbus


Previous post from 11/07/11

El Taco Peton is the newest truck on the NE side of town. Parked in the lot of La Cabana lounge it’s open late at the weekends. This truck is the former Pupuseria Salvadorena and is maintaining the same location, so it is appropriate that they still serve pupusas as well as some standard taco truck fare.

el taco peton

These were the thickest pupusas we’ve ever had but they were well cooked and had a nice crunch to them. We visited El Taco Peton on a cold wet rainy evening – so apologies for the menu photo.

taco trucks columbus

The most interesting thing on the menu was the chalupas, something we haven’t seen on any other taco truck menus in Columbus (yes, we know – Taco Bell has something with the same name). The version of chalupa here was different than what we expected – a taco with mashed potato and onion and topped with lettuce and shredded chicken. I liked it but I’m a sucker for mashed potato. The chalupa is pictured below with a couple of tacos (al pastor and asada).

el taco peton

One of the other more unusual dishes was the pambaso (pambazo) – a torta where the bread is dipped in a red guajillo pepper sauce and the filling is potato and chorizo. We didn’t think that it was quite as good as Don Pedro’s – our favorite pambazo in town – but it’s still a satisfying sandwich.

el taco peton columbus



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El Tuzo Taco

west side taco trucks columbus

Sunoco Gas Station at the Intersection of Fisher Road and Hague Road
Open every day.

Click here to map it!

Although there’s a limited selection of meat options (steak, chicken chorizo and al pastor), the menu selection at El Tuzo is otherwise quite broad. We were happy to see pambazos pop up again, but when we visited they did not have the ingredients for them. In addition to the regular menu items, they also have some weekend-only specials: tamales, tacos de chicharron and menudo.

taco trucks in columbus

where to find tamales in Columbus

We tried a taco, a tostada, a hurache and a tamale and, between them, sampled all of the different protein options. Everything was perfectly passable, little struck us as exceptional. The tostada shell was made to order, a hand fried tortilla rather than a store bought one – a nice touch. The hurache was on the small side but serviceable. The tamale was made with green sauce and was nice and moist.

One more unusual dish is the ‘tuzalad’ which was a salad with your choice of meat plus lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber and freshly fried tortilla chips. It’s not often that you see salads on taco truck menus. The meat shown in the photo was chicken, which had been marinated. We asked for the salsa (pictured) with ours as there did not seem to be any dressing.


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Taqueria Los Tapatios

east side columbus taco trucks

4815 E Main St
(by Family Thrift)
Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 9am-3pm

Monday-Thursday: regular menu
Friday-Saturday: al pastor spit, extra meat options: head, eyeballs and brains
Sunday: beef stew/soup

Click here to map it!

Los Tapatios is a reincarnation of the old East side truck Las Brasas. The new owners bought it at the beginning of 2012,  and have reintroduced it with an interesting menu that includes regional specialties (pambazo) as well as some protein offering – eyeballs and brains – that we haven’t seen advertized at any of the Columbus trucks before.

They also, of course, carry the standard offerings (tacos, burritos, quesadillas) as well as huraches and gringas. On Wednesdays tacos are $1.

pambazo columbus ohio

We weren’t able to try the pambazo as they were out of potatoes, or the eyeballs & brains (since it was a Tuesday…) so we went with tacos.

sesos tacos columbus, oyo tacos columbus

We tried chicken, steak and tripa. All were were thoroughly solid, with a generous amount of meat. The chicken taco had meaty chunks of chicken seasoned with black pepper. The tripa was probably our favorite of the three.

On the first free Friday/Saturday we come upon, we’ll return to Tapatios to try the Andrew Zimmern stuff. Wish us luck!


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Taco Time

taco trucks east side columbus

3477 E. Main Street (Intersection of Barnett Road)
On the side of the R&M carryout.
Hours: 11am-10pm (may closed earlier if not busy)

Taco Time has bounced around town for a few months; we’d previously heard sightings of them at Polaris and on Shrock road. This is the first time we’ve caught up with them and we’re glad we did. The truck is run by a friendly family (from Durango and Mexico City) and the food is solid. Their daughter was taking orders during our visit and there was no need for any Spanish to communicate.

As usual at a new truck we started off with some tacos. We tried buche (pork stomach), lengua (cow tongue) and asada. The meats were all well cooked, tender juicy lengua and crispy (and relatively mild seeming) buche. The tacos came with a pile of grilled onions and a grilled jalapeno. The house green salsa, tomatillo based, was spicier than most.
columbus taco trucks

The menu also featured gringas (small and large). We tried a small al pastor version. The al pastor was cooked on the plancha and topped with a slice of grilled pineapple. It was no match for the spit roasted al pastor we’ve gotten used to from Los Guachos, but it was very pretty and enjoyable nonetheless.

gringa with grilled pineapple

Taco Time also had tamales. We sampled a red tamale which was good. Tamales are harder to find, especially in the summer so it was a nice surprise.

taco trucks that serve tamales.

The menu is rounded out by tortas and burritos. At the weekend Taco Time offers carnitas and menudo and we heard good reviews of the carnitas.

The highlight of our visit was their homemade pina (pineapple) agua fresca. Not overly sweet, very cold and really refreshing, it definitely hit the spot on a hot summer day.


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Taqueria Sope Tapatio

west side taco trucks columbus

4250 W. Broad St (just inside of 270 by the Family Thrift)
Open 10am-10pm

Click here to map it!

‘Tapatio’ is a nickname for people from Guadalajara, and unsurprisingly so are the owners of this new truck. They have only been open a couple of weeks, and on our visit they had a limited menu; the only protein offerings were pork (al pastor), chicken, and beef (asada).

taco trucks in columbus

A sincronizada is a cross between a ham and cheese sandwich and a quesadilla. It is two tortillas sandwiching melted cheese and ham. Here it was topped with salsa, lettuce and avocado and cut into quarters. It was a little messy to eat and to my taste under crisped.

mexican food in columbus

The sope was fried to order. It was smaller than some of the other trucks but the deep frying gave it a nice crunch and it wasn’t too greasy.

taco truck sope

how to find taco trucks in columbus

We also tried some chicken tacos. Fine, but nothing special, and the tortillas were a little under done. Bear in mind, though, that the truck was pretty new when we visited – they deserve the benefit of the doubt at this point. They said that they plan to offer more meat options at the weekend including barbacoa and carnitas.

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Las Gaviotas Pupuseria & Taqueria

honduran food truck columbus

552 Norton Road
(in the Sunoco gas station lot)
Columbus, OH 43228
Usual hours: Thursday-Monday 11am-10pm

Click here to map it!

Las Gaviotas (which means ‘the seagulls’) is a Honduran-owned truck serving pupusas alongside standard taco truck fare. We thought that the truck looked familiar and indeed it was – it’s the old Chapis taco truck in a new incarnation.

pupusa truck columbus

There is a choice of four flavors of pupusa and all were made from scratch upon ordering. They were the plumpest pupusas we’ve come across in Columbus and were dubbed the ‘double-stuffs’ of the pupusa world. We tried the cheese and bean and the cheese and chicharron. The cheese and bean filled pupusa was universally popular. We couldn’t find much evidence of pork skin in the chicharron pupusa but that may have been a good outcome.

honduran food in columbus

We really liked the curtido (pickled slaw). It was milder in flavor than some renditions and was a refreshing accompaniment on a hot day.

taco trucks norton road columbus

We tried the al pastor and buche tacos. The buche was very good, mild in flavor which suggests it has been carefully cleaned and prepared. The al pastor was pretty average. One notable thing is the tomatillo salsa looks fairly innocuous but is made with habanero peppers; delicious but not for the heat averse. Next up was a lengua gordita. The shell was prepared to order and was much less greasy than is often the case, but conversely the lengua was the greasiest we have had and the flavor suffered as a result.

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Taqueria Dos Rositas

east side taco trucks columbus

6065 E Livingston Ave.

Click here to map it!

This post has been a while in coming, as this truck was closed for a while over the winter.

taco trucks in columbus

Taqueria Dos Rositas has expanded their menu a lot since last year and added some extra dishes (sopes and taco salad) and additional meat options. It is less common to see  nopales (cactus) , desebrada (shredded beef) or picadillo (ground beef) as options. It seems that they are trying to appeal both to Latino and American audiences. It’s certainly the first taco truck we’ve ever seen that’s serving crab rangoon!

mexican food in columbus

We had a few tacos including lengua which was pretty good and nopales. The highlight was definitely the homemade tortillas. Dos Rositas is a solid truck, so if you are out on the East side check them out.


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