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Los Aguachiles

los aguachiles taco truck columbus

(Note this Truck is closed / was sold as of June 2014)

6157 Cleveland Ave (Parking Lot of House of Cigar, west side of street)
Columbus, 43231

We seen a few seafood-focused taco trucks come and go on the west side before but Aguachiles brings this novelty  the east side. Found on north Cleveland Avenue just south of 270, it’s conveniently (if you’re getting take out) located in the parking lot of a beer store.

seafood taco truck columbus

The truck takes its name from the dish – aguachiles – which is a shrimp ceviche in which the shrimp are essentially cooked in lime juice. Usually aguachiles are very spicy but the version at Los Aguachiles was probably the mildest version we’ve had. It didn’t suffer for the lack of heat and I’d imagine you could order it spicier. As is traditional, it’s served with crackers and tostadas.

aguachiles Columbus

The truck offers several different versions of shrimp cooked on the grill. The main difference seemed to be different levels of spice. We enjoyed our order of camarones a la plancha. The shrimp were grilled with onions and peppers and still had a little kick even though this was reputed to be the mildest option. They were served with cucumber, rice and beans as well as tortillas.

taco truck grilled shrimp

We also tried a tostada de camarones y pulpo (shrimp and octopus) which proved to be a solid version of the dish. Not too spicy but with plenty of lime and some avocado.

ceviche in columbus ohio

In addition to the seafood, there are plenty of meat options including the usual taco truck staples of burritos, tacos, tortas and quesadillas.

The truck has a tent with some seating and the owner and staff were friendly. The truck had only been open 3 days when we visited so we expect the menu and hours to evolve as they get established.


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Taqueria El Trancazo

880 Weber Road (near the west wall of the Weber Road Market / cross street: Pontiac)
(Closed, Verified August 6th 2010)
614 886 4467

Click here to map it!

Taco Trucks Columbus is very much a team effort. As a trio, duo or sometimes solo we scout, photograph, research and write about all things taco truck in Columbus. Another important part of the team is our loyal taco touristas who fill us in on new finds. Our latest assist comes from @nspeelman a long time reader and supporter. We say mucha gracias!

Taqueria El Trancazo opened on June 3rd. The owner, Jorge Medina is new to the taco trade but has lived in Columbus for six years. His menu is as short as his taco truck but covers the standards that are the baseline offerings for most trucks in the Columbus area. He does have one item that veers from the standard – chorizo con huevos (sausage with eggs) which can be ordered as a topping for any item on the menu.

Jorge also pours homemade aqua frescas and horchata. He hopes to offer one or two special dishes on the weekends after he gets a few more weeks of business under his belt. He did mention one meat variety that cannot be found on any menus elsewhere in Columbus but we are bound by the taco truck code of honor not to release this secret.

El Trancazo may be a good entry level truck for first time taco truckers on the north/central side of Columbus. This area is somewhat residential and if you are traveling with taco truck doubters there is an alternative mobile food vendor across the street.

TJ’s Cafe is open everyday from 3pm to 8pm. The small cart serves hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wraps and a few other items. This is the second summer in the mobile food trade for the very affable owner. When he lost his job he decided to start his own business and has found it rewarding to date.


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Taco Loco

Taco Loco (Closed July 2010)
3764 Cleveland Ave (next to Darbo)
614 348 9485
Planned hours 10am-10/11pm every day

With the opening of Taco Loco we officially declare taco truck season 2010 open. Yes, of course we know that the more hard-core taco lovers have been huddling around heaters and sipping atole all winter, but the warmer weather means more trucks, longer hours and enjoying a leisurely meal in the fresh air.

The first of the new trucks is Taco Loco ‘the crazy taco stand’, a reincarnation of the orange truck formerly known as El Tizoncito and parked in the same location. We’re not sure what makes it crazy, the owners were friendly, competent and seemed completely sane and the truck offers standard and solid taco truck fare. As well as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and tortas they also have Mexican hamburgers and cheeseburgers. It’s a new truck so they may add new menu items or adjust their hours as they see how business develops.

The ‘soft taco’ is a flour tortilla with American style toppings. We sampled a few tacos and were really impressed with the juicy chunks of lengua (although the picture below is of buche.) Warning, the red and green salsa are both pack some heat – hotter than average.

We are already planning our first taco truck tour of 2010 – stayed tuned for a proper announcement soon.


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El Tizoncito

More photos to come, once the stars line up......

This truck is now closed and has been reopened as Taco Loco same location, new owners, new menu.

El Tizoncito
3768 Cleveland Ave
(Near intersection of East Cooke and Cleveland Ave).

Monday to Thursday 11 am to 10 pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 11 pm

The Taco Truck Columbus team knows the El Tizoncito site well. Earlier in the year, the parking lot was dubbed the Bermuda Triangle of Taco Trucks since it serves as a resting ground of trucks that are not in use. The site was first on our radar as the former location of Darbo Cafe, an Somali restaurant which closed in September. We also know El Tizoncito as “the orange truck” that was a bonus stop for the Night of 1000 Tacos. We have been delayed writing about this mobile taco stand while trying to find the owner on site to ask for permission to photograph the truck. We have also found afternoon hours to be a bit….variable.

El Tizoncito opened around August of 2009. The truck is easy to find but a little hard to figure out. There is no menu at the truck, you kind of have to sort that out for yourself. It takes a little prodding to find out what you can order. This is what is available in taco or burrito form: al pastor, carnitas, pollo, barbacoa and asada. There are also five to six homemade salsas available each day which seem to vary with each visit. We also discovered that El Tizoncito has huevos (eggs) which they will serve with jamon (ham) or as Huevos Rancheros.

Based on TTC posted comments and our own experience, the al pastor tacos are your better bet here. A word of advice for this truck, you may want to take your own beverage with you or pop across the street to the bar (if you do let us know how that goes) because we have yet to find a cold beverage here or a consistent line up of choices.

Another advisory that you can take with a grain of salt. Some of our Taco Truck savvy allies that frequent this site report that they feel a little uncomfortable and unsafe here during the later evening hours based on encounters with some the clientele. Use your best judgment, our own experiences have been OK but we have dined mostly in the early evening.


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Taqueria Davanne

Corner of 5th and Forsythe, Victorian Village


Closed. This truck is now Taqueria Los Primos

When we first started out with this taco truck blogging adventure, everyone asked us: have you been to the truck next to the Mexican market in Victorian Village?

We had, and it was always closed.

Until now, that is.  A cousin of the owner of the market has taken the truck over, given it a fresh coat of paint, and opened up last week with a limited menu that they plan to expand with time. The hours may also increase over time. The owners are a husband and wife team and were very friendly. The truck name is a compilation of their children’s names.

Currently, they offer tacos, tortas, burritos, and quesadillas filled with your selection from six different meat options.  We tried the cecina, al pastor, and chorizo tacos, and all met or exceeded expectations.  The chorizo in particular was nice – less greasy than most, but lacking nothing in flavor. It is house-made by the grocery store, so you can also go inside and buy some to take home.


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Taco Truck Trek: La Condesa – Springfield, OH

Here at Taco Truck Columbus central, we receive inquiries about other trucks in Ohio and out of state. People wonder if Columbus is some type of Taco Truck Oasis. So far, no trucks seem to be in Cincinnati or Cleveland. However, we were tipped off about a truck in Springfield (about 1 hour west of Columbus). A Taco scout brought in a menu with an address so there was no reason to defer the journey of discovery.

La Condesa
(Former location – now replaced by a their restaurant nearby)
440 South Burnett Road
Springfield, OH
937 322 3145

This truck is easy to find, within sight of Springfield Regional Medical Center (a local landmark) and right next door to the (very) orange Beverage Depot. La Condesa has been open one year as of October 2009. The owners were not at the truck when visited and the employees at the truck were young and newer to the business so details were sparse. Several loyal gringo patrons were present, each one raved about the truck and one said that he eats there almost every day.

The menu is limited with a few less common items such as elotes, esquites and fruit cocktail. The most unique menu selection is the La Condesa approach to mangos: a mango with the skin removed covered with salt, lemon and hot chile. This was a first.

All of the food sampled was very good and worth additional visits when we are in the area. Another plus for this truck are the beverage choices. Granted, it is great to be next door to a beer store, but in addition to horchata and pina (rice, water and pineapple juice) La Condesa has the largest selection of Mexican soda pops encountered during our taco truck touring. Non standard choices include Mexican Pepsi, Sprite and an apple drink never encountered in either a Columbus taco truck or grocery store.

The easiest way to get to La Condesa is to take I 70 west to the US 41 exit, (this becomes High Street when you enter the city) turn left at Burnett Road (just as you are passing the hospital) and look for an orange cinderblock building.

We acknowledge that with the name, Taco Trucks Columbus, the expectation is that this is a site about….Taco Trucks in Columbus. However during our taco trekking we have developed an appreciation and deep respect for street food. So, since we are taking a reach with Springfield, why not go all out and mention a Hot Dog Truck. It is just a few blocks away from La Condesa and an argument can be made that the hot dog truck laid the foundation for taco truck acceptance in Springfield.

Big Jim’s Coney’s
Corner of East Main Street (US 40) and Bellevue Ave
Springfield, Ohio
937 324 7487

If you are going to drive to Springfield, you might as well make it worthwhile. Big Jim’s will be open at the same corner spot for ten years as of April 2010. The owner, Jim Lopez also opened a restaurant during October 2009. This stand offers hot dogs, coneys, meatball sandwiches, excellent chili and a few other items. Jim is turning the truck over to his son Sam as he invests his efforts into his new restaurant venture. As our mea culpa for the lack of Taco Truck integrity I offer two things. First, this is a great hot dog truck. Second, Jim’s dad has a taco connection, he opened the first Taco Bell east of the Mississippi. Viva los Taco Trucks wherever we find them in Ohio and bless their other street food kin.


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Super Dogos

Super Dogos

(This truck is MIA and was seen at:)
3047 Westerville Rd. (corner of Oakland park Ave)


Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Click here to to map it!

How’s this for a new ‘first’?  Super Dogos is the first truck we’ve encountered to sell menu items that are banned in Los Angeles!

I mean, c’mon, LA… there really isn’t anything more natural, more inevitable, more goshdarnitall RIGHT than wrapping hot dogs in bacon, is there?

Or, at least, that’s how Super Dogo’s owners see it, and with good reason – the bacon-wrapped dog has a long history in Mexico, and particularly in their native region of Sonora.  Mexican immigrants have been selling these dogs all over on the west coast (or at least where allowed by law) for quite some time.  Now, thanks to Super Dogos, it’s Columbus’s turn.


Before we discuss particulars, though, let’s answer the question that’s undoubtedly in your head – isn’t this Taco Trucks Columbus?  Right enough you are, and while Super Dogos obviously specializes in dogs, they *just* slide in under our purview through also selling fish tacos.  Regrettably, these weren’t available when we visited – they’d had brisk business and sold out – but they tell us that they’re offering tilapia fish tacos daily, and fried catfish tacos as an occasional specialty.  Next time we make it back, we’ll check ’em out.

The Sonora Dog (left) and Guayson Dog (right)

The Sonora Dog (left) and Guayson Dog (right)

So let’s talk bacon dogs.  We sampled two kinds – The Sonora and the Guayson.  The Sonora was topped with grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, corn & cucumber relish, mushrooms, mayo and avocado sauce.  The Guayson featured grilled onions, tomatoes, cheese, mayo, mustard and avocado sauce.  Both were darned good, and both will definitely keep you on top of your napkin game.

Toritos (left), Frijoles Charros (right)

Toritos (left), Frijoles Charros (right)

Still craving more bacon?  Check out the frijoles charros – a nicely spiced bean soup spiked with a generous quantity of our favorite pork product – especially satisfying on a freakishly cool and rainy July day.  Feeling like you’re missing your veggies?  How about a whole (mild) jalapeno torito – stuffed with mozzarella and wrapped in (drum roll please…) bacon.


Last among the menu items we sampled was a funny little curiosity called ‘salchi pulpos’, which roughly translates to ‘octopus sausage’.  Salchi pulpos starts as your typical hot dog, and is sliced into strips that go about 3/4 the way up the length of it.  After being tossed into the fryer these strips curl up, and the results look like a pokemon-esque caricature of an octopus.  Top with the condiments of your choice, and start pulling off tentacles.  Fun for kids of all ages.

With all the buzz surrounding Dirty Franks, I asked Angel (the husband of the duo) if he’d ever heard of them.  “Yes!” was his vigorous response, “I want to have over 25 menu items myself!”.  With goals like that, these guys should be an interesting one to watch.


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