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Dia Del Pavo Returns: Celebrate Thanksgiving with Taco Nazo

If you find yourself looking for a non traditional Thanksgiving, consider dropping by Taco Nazo at SR 161 (E. Dublin Granville Road) and Maple Canyon. Quicho, the owner, takes this day as an opportunity to say thanks to his customers and to the community with free tamales and treats. Here is a post from a few years ago, with more details.

Happy Holidays and look forward to posts on several newer Taco Trucks as well as our annual census report confirming what vendors are still open, before the end of 2012.

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A Belated Gracias to John T. Edge

Over the years we have e-mailed and chatted back and forth with mobile food enthusiasts across the country. John T. Edge from the Southern Foodways Alliance (an organization focused on preserving Food, Culture and the elements that link them and us together) has been a great supporter. One of John’s books is the Truck Food Cookbook. It is a great overview of mobile cuisine and culture with many recipes thrown in. We would like to thank John for mentioning Taco Truck Columbus on page 218 of his book.

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We Love Los Guachos….and so does everyone else.

Los Guachos has been in print quite a bit over the last year. It is well deserved. Of the hundred or so Taco Trucks that have come and gone as well those that have stayed and made a living, Los Guachos has consistently been among the best. The guys at Los Guachos have also done the best job of crossing over to the Gringo mainstream without compromising their food or culture. Earlier in the year they were in Maxim Magazine (with a quote from the “annointer of good things, Roland K. The Pierogi King of Columbus) Five Best Dinners from the Maxim staff . Most recently, Los Guachos was noted as the best in the Midwest and fourth in the nation by Every Day with Rachael Ray. Now think what you will of the Food Network celebrity but it is acknowledged that her staff do a good job at finding the best of the best. In this case they were dead on. So check Los Guachos out at their trailer on the west side or try them any day at their brick and mortar restaurant at Bethel Road and Godown in Northwest Columbus.


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Quicho from Taco Nazo in the News!

Taco Nazo has been one of our favorite taco trucks since we started this project. Quicho is always happy to help out with any help we need with a bike tour or TV appearance. He generosity and freebies for El Dia de Pavo and other events is legendary. He is also a heck of a nice guy that does a lot for his community. There is a small minority of people in Columbus that view Taco Trucks as lawless, non tax paying banditos stealing from society. Quicho is a great example that such is not the case. This is an article from the Hispanic Chamber of Columbus. We are long overdue in updating the Taco Nazo post so look for that this year.

Tarcisio “Quicho” Perez is the owner of Mexican taco truck, Taco Nazo. A little research on Yelp and will reveal what many of us that have tasted Taco Nazo already know. Taco Nazo is one of the best in Columbus. This May Taco Nazo will celebrate its seventh year in business.

What some people don’t know is that Quicho is passionate about Soccer and the community. I thought Taco Nazo’s name derived from being a great taco but it’s more than that. “Taco Nazo”, explains Quicho, “refers to that amazing kick with soccer cleats”. For my information, cleats are called tacos in Mexico.
Quicho was a minor league soccer player in Mexico. He is an advocate of women soccer. He promoted and coached a woman’s soccer team with great success. Last year Quicho started training young children to play soccer and partnered with Jorge Lasso, an Ecuatorian futbol professional with a bookkeeping business known as ABD Bookkeeping. It’s very encouraging to hear a proud Quicho telling how boys and girls train and play together, how children’s lives become more active and they become more confident. Join me in congratulating Quicho and Jorge in incorporating Latin Star Soccer. They are hoping to raise funds and sponsors to continue impacting more children in the community… and win more games.

To get involved get in contact with Quicho or Jorge.

Visit Taconazo at 2200 East Dublin Granville Road. They are open from 10AM to 9PM in the Winter and from 10-10 in Summer.

Quicho’s phone number is 614 390 9166.

Jorge Lasso’s number is 614 403 4136.

Hmm…maybe we should do a fundraiser to help this great cause. What do you think?

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Winter 2011 Taco Truck Tally: Support Your Local Taco Slingers

Some people think that Taco Trucks migrate to the south for the winter. Not true. Just like the rest of us they hunker down, try to stay warm and try to make a living until spring comes along. Most of the Taco Trucks in Columbus do stay open in the wintertime. However, their hours become a bit irregular and some just call it a day before the day begins. Equipment used in some of the trucks does not work well when it is below freezing and just like us – if the employees are freezing, they don’t work too well either.

A few trucks take late December, January, February and early March off. Many reduce evening hours and try to stay open on days when the temperatures are above 32 degrees. In the case of Taqueria Jalisco II, the owners decided to open up at Mad River Mountain (skiing destination) and take the tacos to the people. Los Guachos and Super Torta II have brick and mortar locations to feed you when the outside temperatures bring fear to you.

So, in the meantime, the best way to fight winter and avoid cabin fever is to go out there and eat tacos. This is also a way to ensure that taco truck you loved in the summer returns in the spring by making sure they have enough income to survive in the dark days of winter.

A couple taco truck census missions were conducted after New Year’s Day. A few taco trucks have disappeared and a couple show no signs of recent activity. Two trucks seem to have repositioned to ride out the winter together as dueling taco trucks. Taqueria y Pupuseria Salvadorena and Taqueria La Morena have been open some weekend evenings in the parking lot of a bar which seems to change names every few months at 2400 E Dublin Granville Rd / SR 161.

To support winter taco consumption, help out our friends during a slow business time and to help you fight the cold of winter with hot sauce we are listing some of the trucks you can depend on to be open for non snowmageddon days.

Taco Nazo

Los Guachos

Taqueria Little Mexico

Taqueria Jalisco

El Tacorriendo

Juniors Tacos

Taqueria Davanne


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