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El Patacon

552 Norton Road (Sunoco station parking lot)
Open 10am – 9pm (starting August 2, 2010)

Click here to map it!

So lets say that an individual of Mexican origins came to the US and worked in the kitchen of a popular South American restaurant in town.  And lets say that this individual came to really like the food that she was making in this kitchen – the arepas, the patacon, the addictive cilantro sauce – and decided to try her hand at providing such menu items at a taco truck she just recently purchased.

That individual’s taco truck would probably be something like El Patacon, and its menu would be likely to look something like this:

Upon seeing this menu, we’d probably be pretty eager to try a few things… perhaps the pabellon criollo and the patacon.

We’d eagerly dig into the pabellon criollo (below). This dish, consisting of rice, beans, shredded beef, plantains, ‘arepitas‘, and lettuce & peppers as garnish, is generally considered to be the dish of Venezuela. A few squirts of the cilantro sauce later, and we’d comment on how a meal this delicious might justifiably be a cause for national pride.  The tender shredded beef, stewed in a piquant spice mix, plays well with the beans and adds character to the rice, we’d note, and probably sum it up as being a great dish… and a very filling one as well.

*sigh*…having reached the limit of our appetites, the patacon would have to wait for later… so we’d take it with us, and reheat it as a late night snack.  Three of us would try it, and three of us would enjoy it immensely – it may be one of those dishes, we’d think, that improves as it’s allowed to sit.  The patacon itself (a smashed whole banana) would maintain its texture but absorb some of the flavor from the beef.  As the beef would seem to be the same as that used for the pabellon criollo, this would be observed to be a big good thing.

In conclusion, we’d say that the west side just acquired a great new option for Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine, and we’d probably be discussing a return trip soon.


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Columbus Food Adventures – Food Tours in Columbus, Ohio

I’m proud to introduce my latest endeavour: Columbus Food Adventures, a company specializing in food tours that highlight the best of the Columbus food scene.

And, with this being TacoTrucksColumbus and all, it goes without saying that great taco truck tours are part of the plan. Actually, in many respects, they’re no small part of my inspiration.

The Taco Trucks Columbus team has thrown quite a few free taco truck tours in the past year and a half – some for charity, some free, all for fun.  They’ve been great – we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet our readers and have been tremendously gratified by the positive responses from both participants and truck owners. In short, putting on these tours led to two important observations – people enjoy participating in ’em, and we enjoy throwing ’em.

Hmmmm… maybe there’s a business in that somewhere?

It felt like a crazy idea, but research suggested otherwise.  Culinary tourism is a growing trend, and food tour companies thrive in cities as small as Milwaukee and Raleigh-Durham.  I signed on for a couple of food tours offered in Chicago, and the takeaway was clear – I could do that.

I’m exceptionally proud of Columbus’s food community, and have put a lot of effort into exploring and chronicling it here, at alt.eats, and at hungrywoolf.  We’ve long believed that Columbus’s food scene is a story worth telling and tasting, and I’m excited to have a new platform for doing so.

If you’d like to take a look at our tours (taco trucks, alt.eats, and more), please see Columbus Food Adventure’s new website –


Bethia Woolf (aka Hungrywoolf)
Owner and Operator, Columbus Food Adventures

P.S.: We are still entirely committed to maintaining Taco Trucks Columbus and all of our other blogs.  When a new truck pops up, this’ll still be the place to read about it!

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