The Taco Truck Team condensed our accumulated Taco Truck information to a cheat sheet of all known Columbus Taco Trucks. Please note: Some trucks close for the winter (December, January and February). Some have variable hours or alter the days they are closed. Some just disappear. When possible call ahead and always have a back up truck in mind for your first visit. We will keep you posted on changes as best as we can. Gracias.

Last Updated July 2014 all recently confirmed locations have an * by them

West Side

La Popular*
2464 West Broad St (corner of Eldon Ave).
Open 11am – 8pm daily
614 584 2572

King Luis Taco *
85 N. Wilson Rd

Taqueria El Paisa
3900 Sullivant Ave
Columbus, 43228

Open 10am – 9pm (sometimes close earlier)

Los Guachos *
461 Commerce Sq. (Club La Bomb) / just west of 3900 Sullivant Ave
Open late on the weekends. The al pastor tacos rock our socks.

El Mananero *
To the south of 3700 Sullivant Ave.
Open 6 am to 6:30 pm every day

Merendero Catracho
3868 Sullivant Ave (parking lot of Country Food Store)
Open 11am – 10pm, Fri-Sun
Honduran comfort food

El Habanero aka Abanero *
Lincoln Park Court and Georgesville
Currently open 7 days a week, 10am – 10pm

Tres Reyes*
496 Georgesville Rd. (Near Sullivant Ave. intersection)
Open 10am – 10pm
The Tlayudas are superb!

Las Delicias *
333 Georgesville Rd (now a restaurant)
Open 11am – 11pm, 10am – 12pm in summer
Good Huraches and nieves

Las Delicias II *
385 Georgesville Road (by Shannon’s Pub)
Used mainly for special events. At Rhodes Park at weekends.

Los Chilangos *
1240 Georgesville Rd. (Shell station parking lot)
Open 10am – 10pm, 7 days a week

Mr. Grill Tacos *
1060 Georgesville Rd
Open 10am – 9pm

Taqueria Brothers *
Corner of West Broad & Warren, near 2655 West Broad Street
Open 11am – 8pm every day

El Huarache Veloz *
Corner of West Broad & South Wheatland, Near 2305 West Broad Street
Open 10am – 10pm, closed Tuesday.

Mi Chula
3866 Sullivant Ave (next to the Mexican Bakery)
Open Thursday-Monday 11am-9pm
Seasonal – Summer only

El Camoncito Del Sabor
530 Norton Road
Open 9am – 10pm

Taqueria El Halcon
(Current location unknown)
Open 11am – 10pm, 7 days/week

Las Gaviotas
552 Norton Road in the Sunoco parking lot

Taqueria Sope Tapatio
4250 W. Broad St Thrift store parking lot.

El Tuzo Taco *
Sunoco Gas Station at the Intersection of Fisher Road and Hague Road
Open every day.

North/Central Columbus

Los Potosinos*
791 E. Long Street
King Lincoln District
Open daily 10am-7pm. Closed on Sunday.
Pollo Asada al Carbon (grilled chicken on Saturdays one of our favorites)

El Peton *
5925 Karl Road (just north of 161)
Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 9am-6pm

El Peton II *
2374 East Dublin Granville Road
Columbus, OH 43229
(parking lot of Central Ohio Dental)
Friday-Sunday 11am-9pm

Taqueria El Tizoncito *
3115 Olentangy River Rd. (at Riverview by End Zone Drive-Thru)
Open 11 am to 10 pm Thursday to Monday. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
Carry Out Number: 614.477.6523
Weekend Late Night: 2020 Night Club
6252 Busch Blvd
11 pm to late

Los Texanos *
727 East Weber Road (parking lot of Weber Stop Market) Near intersection of Weber and Homecroft
Monday to Saturday 11 am to 8 pm

El Manantial Latino*
14 – 0 Carry Out, 355 E. Hudson Street, near the intersection of Indianola and Hudson Street
Core hours 11am – 8pm, Often open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
Here’s where you get your Colombian food fix

El Manantial Latino (Dos)

3166 N. High Street (corner of Pacemont and High St)
Monday to Saturday 11:30am to 9 pm

Don Pedro’s*
Near 6066 Cleveland Ave. (near intersection with Deewood Dr.)
Panbazos, Chalupas, huevos rancheros

Taqueria Jalisco*
4664 Cleveland Ave (alternative location within one block)
614.595.4202 Open 10am – 9pm
Tasty Tongue (Lengua) Tacos

Taqueria El Fogoncito*
(near) 2733 Morse Road
(near) the intersection of Morse Road and Westerville Road)
Hours: Closed Monday 11am-11pm other days.

Dos Hermanos *
2233 Morse Road (parking lot of Mike’s Auto)
Open Monday to Sunday 11 am to 11 pm
(Frequently off site for lunches, catering or special events or at Seventh Son Brewery)

Taquikin Taqueria y Loncheria Movil*
2600 Morse Rd (in front of Lev’s Pawn Shop)
Open 10am – 9pm
Atole in the winter

El Tizoncito Taqueria*
2040 East Dublin Granville Road (In between Beechcroft and Maple Canyon)

Taco Nazo*
2200 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. (Near Lev’s Pawn Shop)
Open 10am – 8pm, closed Sunday

Taqueria El Mexicano
Location uncertain

Taqueria El Buen Sazon *
5615 Cleveland Ave.
Southwest corner of SR 161 and Cleveland Ave.
Monday to Thursday 10:30 am to 10 pm
Friday and Saturday 10:30 am to 1 am
Sunday 10:30 am to 11:00 pm
614 843 4275
614 900 9886

Los Primos
Corner of 5th and Forsythe, Victorian Village
11am – 9pm

Junior’s Tacos*
West 5th and Highland in Victorian Village
Open Mon-Thur 11:30 AM-11 PM, Friday 11:30 AM-midnight, Sat 9 am-midnight, Sun 9 am-10 pm

(Third truck available for parties, catering and special events)

El Escondido
Summit and 5th Avenue in used car lot. Erratic hours.

Los Tolucos (2nd truck)
Westerville Road and Agler Road
YBB Market

East Side and Airport

El Tacorriendo*
3344 Allegheny Ave (Intersects with James Road south of the airport)
1030am-1030pm daily
Tostadas and Tortas are terrific. Try the ceviche.

Taqueria Gonzalez*
755 Stelzer Rd (just south of the airport entrance)
Mon – Sat 11am to 10 pm, Sunday 3 pm to 10 pm

Rincon Latino
1865 Heritage Square
(Brice Road)
Open daily 11am – 11pm (Sunday may be in a park off Livingston Ave)

Taqueria La Fonda*
3330 E. Broad Street
open everyday from 10:30am to 8pm. (except Sunday)

Dos Rositas
6065 E Livingston Ave.

Taqueria Los Tapatios*
4831 E Main St
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sunday 9am-3pm

Taco Time*
3477 E. Main Street (Intersection of Barnett Road)
On the side of the R&M carryout.
Hours: 11am-10pm (may close earlier if not busy)

Closed / Gone for Good / Sold / Vanished / Adios Amigos

Taqueria Little Mexico (closed – sold)
The first taco truck in Columbus.

The 8th Taste

Taco Nitos
5690 East Dublin Granville Road (in front of Latin Vibe Night Club)
(Former locations: 701 Georgesville Rd -in front of El Planque Party House and present site of Victor Foods)
Open Friday to Sunday 9pm to 2am(Late night taco truck)
Open sporatically

Las Brazas Taqueria
4865 East Main Street (Monro Mufflers and Brakes)
Open 10am – 11pm
Want fries with that? Las Brazas has fair style fries and they are good.
(formerly near 2254 Hamilton Rd)

El Simoncito
5005 Chatterton Rd.
Open 10am – 10pm daily

Mi Pueblito Taqueria
(Near La Cabana Lounge), 2400 E Dublin Granville Rd / SR 161
Repainted green without a name on it.
Hours – Variable – In theory, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6 PM to “late” 2AM or later.

Taqueria y Pupuseria Salvadorena
Dublin-Granville Road
Sunday to Thursday: 3 PM to 10 PM, Friday and Saturday 11 AM to “late” 2 AM of later

Los Texanos
900 Weber (East of SR 71)
10am – 8pm Mon-Fri, 11am – 6pm Saturday

Taqueria Jalisco II
240 Georgesville Rd (south side of gas station, across from Walmart)
Hours – every day 10am – 10pm

Chapis Tacos Closed (sold – now Las Gaviotas)
977 Harrisburg Pike (parking lot of Carniceria Brothers)
Open daily 10:30 to 7:00 (?)

El Nopal
3528 Sullivant Avenue
Open 11am-10pm daily except Wednesday

The 8th Taste / El Octavo Sabor
840 Hudson Ave (East of I 71) corner of Hudson and Azelda
Hours: ?

Taqueria La Morena
3796 East Livingston Ave
Daily 10am-10pm

El Tizoncito
3768 Cleveland Ave
(Near intersection of East Cooke and Cleveland Ave).
(Sold to new owners then known as El Taco Loco, then became Taqueria Angela)

Taqueria Los Tolucos
Moved / Closed 2014

Taqueria Guadalupe
Sullivant Ave and Wedgewood.
Hours: 10 or 11am until 9pm, every day

Pupuseria y Taqueria Usuluteca
Dublin-Granville Rd
Open weekend evenings

Otro Rollo Taqueria
3866 Sullivant Avenue
Open 7 days a week. 7am-11pm
The New Taco Tao
1505 Schrock Rd (last known location)
614.306.8539 (disconnected)
closed August 2009

La Guaguita
(last location) 2323 Sullivant Ave
Hours – vary
Dominican Food
Closed 2009

Victor Food

Super Dogos
3047 Westerville Rd. (corner of Oakland park Ave)
Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
(Missing since December 2009)

3868 Sullivant Ave
Open every day (in theory, not always in practice), 10am – 10pm

Tacos Nayarit

formerly at 5431 Roberts Rd
Outside the Famosa Latino Supermarket, in the Roberts Crossing strip mall.
This truck has not resurfaced. The Supermarket now has a restaurant next door so maybe this truck will pop up elsewhere in 2010.
Missing or closed

El Patacon
552 Norton Road (Sunoco station parking lot)

Las Brisas
2991 Sullivant Ave (corner of Sullivant and Binns, in Alex Market parking lot)

Taco Loco
3764 Cleveland Ave (next to Darbo)
(Became Taqueria Angela, then became……..)

Taqueria El Trancazo
880 Weber Road (near the west wall of the Weber Road Market / cross street: Pontiac)
Closed August 2010

La Cocina Taco Express
2675 Morse Road
614.507.4925, 614.507.9925
(Missing September 2010)

Taco Naco (sold – now Taqueria Sope Tapatio).
Lockbourne Ave.

98 responses to “LIST of TACO TRUCKS

  1. samantha flora

    I believe there is a taco truck at the Las Maravillas mexican food market. The address is 233 W. 5th Ave. I haven’t tried it yet– but I look forward to it!

    • tacodrew

      There is a truck there but it has not been open at all this year. If and when it reopens we will definitely write about it.

    • patarroyo

      Yeah, I have eaten there once or twice in previous years. It was OK, maybe even a bit below average. Junior’s Tacos has opened shop just down the street a half a block away at the convenience store, and is delicious. I don’t see how the truck next to Las Maravillas can compete with them.

  2. Smclean83

    Do they take credit cards?

  3. catfan

    Has anyone tried the truck that’s popped up recently at Indianola and Weber Rd? It’s in the parking lot of the convenience store.

    TTC Comment (The truck mentioned here is not a taco Truck – it is a sandwich wagon – burgers and such).

  4. jlopezbabygirl

    Tacorriendo is the best…… Their tacos are so amazing and their quesadillas…

  5. wow I did not realize there were any taco trucks that far north!!!

  6. maxx

    Hey, does anyone know if any taco trucks serve “cheek” tacos. It is beef cheek. I don’t know the name in Spanish. I’ve had them many times in Hood River, OR. Yum!

    • hungrywoolf

      The name for cheeks is cachete and I have not seen that at the trucks but I believe that the Cabeza that is served at some taquerias is all or mostly braised beef cheeks. I can’t recommend a particular truck for it off the top of my head but I know I have seen and tried it. We generally take a photo of the menu and meats on offer.

  7. maxx

    Could the moderators suggest to one of the taco triangle trucks to park one in Clintonville??? They’d make a killing.

    • patarroyo

      The problem with Clintonville right now is all the High St. construction. That coupled with the 315 overhaul are forcing people on to the residential side streets (like Neil) to avoid the nightmare that is High St. Agreed- under normal traffic conditions, a taco truck could make a fortune, especially if positioned between the student bars.

  8. thanh

    I love taco trucks. I was disappointed when the one on olentangy drove away. Because of this site, I know about the one in Hilliard and am looking forward to some tortas.

  9. Kassy McGregory

    Go to El Manantial Latino Restaurant, you’re gonna love it!! They have the BEST arepas with cheese, tortas, burritos and empanadas.

  10. maxx

    Got it, thanks.
    I went to El Nuevo Tacos Tao and Nazo today. Good ceviche and gorditas at Nazo… good tacos of all sorts at El Nuevo Tacos Tao. Weird dude in the parking lot, but he can bite me… just not my taco!

    When’s the next taco truck crawl?

  11. Matt

    Hit Taqueria Jalisco today first taco truck stop for me , very good. I saw an orange truck further down cleveland ave, between ferris and vances gun shop, any info on that one…

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  13. e.b.

    There’s another great taco truck on the 3000 block of Cleveland Ave (not listed on this blog). El Tizoncito is located between the Somali restaurant “Darbo” and the Mexican wedding/quincanera dress market. Their truck is bright red- hard to miss. The service is great, and we love their al pastor and their chorizo tacos.

  14. JD

    It’s not a taco truck, but the little restaurant Taco al Pastor at Worthington Galena & Wilson Bridge serves up some pretty good “truck-style” tacos. (Trucks rarely seem to head up to the north burbs.)

  15. I’ll second Taco al Pastor in Worthington is mmm mmm good. Just tough to get into and out of depending on where you are headed.

  16. sid

    There is a taco truck now at lane and high @ the gas station. i think its titled as exotic columbian and mexican food

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  18. mario martinez

    if possible add our taco stand, not truck tho to ur list. hrs are m-f 10-8 and sat 11-6. Los Texanos located at 726 w. broad in a sunoco parking lot in fron of an old ford dealership ny 315, 1/2 mile from COSI. THANX

  19. mamafuku

    If I can only hit one taco truck this week, which one should I go to! I start teaching next week I need a taco fix ASAP!!

    • tacodrew

      I’m sitting around a campfire with a bunch of people who are taco truckers, and the votes are evenly divided between Los Guachos and Los Potosinos. You should be very happy at either one.

  20. CMH Gourmand

    If you have to do just one truck I agree – Los Potosinos or Los Guachos are the choices.

    • leticia

      Los guachos i love their tacos de suadero.

      • sandy


  21. chris mcgovern

    Juniors Taco phone is wrong. It should be 614-743-7XXX. He is also open at 11:30 everyday now.

    West 5th and Highland in Victorian Village
    Open Mon-Thur 1pm-11pm, Friday 1pm-midnight, Sat 9am-midnight, Sun 9am-10pm

    • The hours have been corrected. Although there is conflicting information on the phone number, the correct number for Juniors is 614 743 7603. This has been confirmed with Carlos at Juniors.

  22. Beth

    Hey guys!,
    Chapis Tacos is open, but in a different location. It has replaced Taqueria Brothers (not sure where they moved). Also the correct address for this location is 977 Harrisburg Pike.

  23. The list is updated. We will do another “census” in December or later for trucks open in the winter. We are also working on our Top Ten Taco Trucks Tastes – picking our favorite dishes and where to get them from the last (almost) two years.

  24. Doug

    I’d like to sample a few taco trucks this Saturday. Anyone care to share a list of their favorite places?

    • graciela

      Go out west! I’d suggest tacos al pastor and gringas al pastor at Los Guachos, pollo al carbon, tostadas borrachas, and at Los Potosinos, and for dessert: nieves at Las Delicias.
      You’ll be pleasantly stuffed.

  25. Veronica Rice

    There used to be a taco place on Harrisburg Pike called “TACO”. It’s been a couple of years now, but they had the best grilled corn on the cob (w/ spices)…and since the truck has been gone, I have not been able to find anywhere that makes this delicious grilled corn. Anyone know of a truck that has this?

    • hungrywoolf

      Veronica – during the summer of 2009 the truck Brothers was out on Harrisburg Pike. That truck has moved to Broad street. Some of the trucks offer elotes (corn on the cob) during the summer. I would suggest trying Rhodes park on a Sunday afternoon sometime as well, there are usually a few food vendors there. Lidia at Los Potosinos would probably make it for you too if you order in advance.

  26. Cherie

    Hi guys – I have recently discovered a new (I think) truck on the corner of James and Broad over on the east side. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but wanted to let you know about it! The sign says “La Taqueria Fonda.”

    • Batarang

      I tried them for the first time yesterday. Pollo Burrito is good. Not too greasy or salty…yummy pinto beans. They are located at 3330 E. Broad St. in the parking lot of a former pawn shop next door to the old Shell station. The truck is red.

  27. Jen

    So it looks like my favorite taco truck closed (Taqueria Davanne). They had the best guacamole. Does anyone know of another truck with guacamole?

  28. Kat

    so any suggestions, if I have never been to a Taco truck and am about dieing to try one? My hubby works near all this lined up once on Georgesville Rd. Thought of trying Los Potosinos. Is there a specific way to order? do you have to speak spanish? can you get more than tacos? desserts? sides? and what about young kids (age 4) any suggestions? what are the price ranges? any suggestions on cash amount to carry along if you want to eat there with a 3 headed family (2 adults and a 4 year old), we’re not the cash carrying people? need to try affordable, new and flavorful, original food so bad! not specified on Taco’s… Original and different is important!

    • tacodrew

      Potosinos would be a good first truck to try – they generally speak solid transactional English. They have a full menu (many items with photos) posted near the order window, with plenty of variety beyond tacos. Their specialty is the Pollo al Carbon, or marinated and grilled chicken. It usually comes with a side of beans & rice, and plenty of tortillas. They also do other full meal dishes such as enchiladas Potosinos and tacos rojos. I’d budget between $5 and $15/person, depending on the desired dishes and degree of hunger. Kids are always welcome. Little in the way of dessert.

      There’s also a truck very close by, Las Delicias, that has a solid menu, reasonable understanding of English, and an ice cream-like dessert called ‘nieves’. I’d recommend trying either the pecan flavor or the coconut.

      Can’t help but put in a quick plug – if you want a good overview of taco trucks on the west side, we run a very popular and informative taco truck tour. For more information, see here:

      • Kat

        thank you so much, we will definately try the 2 on Georgesville that you mentioned! Unfortunately can’t really afford the the tour as much as we would love to. Love the idea of those adventure tours and introducing people to new foods. I’m a chefs daughter and he used to train chefs too. I grew up in different countries and sometimes get home sick. looking for yummy foods such as the homey taste of cows tongue. Love food adventures and often looking for affordable places with unique different flavors, to spoil ourselves and help my family be open to original foods from other mentalities and backgrounds and enjoy it. street foods are the best and so super fun! will have to spy on both sites to go on our little adventures here and there.

  29. MoFo

    Just wanted to pass along that Las Brazas (it had took on a new name last year) at 4865 E. Main St is now gone. It had been set up in the parking lot of the Speedway station there, but it looks like it’s become a Shell station, and my guess is that the truck was told to hit the road when the new station owners took over. Haven’t seen them anywhere else in the area yet…


    I missed Columbus for six years, and this six years Columbus changed a lot. We saw many different Mexican business food locations. Trucks, trailers, and big nice buildings, big companies selling Mexican food. El Escondido is back to Columbus with a mobile kitchen. In the same great short north near to High Street. Morning until 5pm. On Summit and E. 5th Ave. Afternoon 6 to midnight on 64 W. 5th Ave Columbus Ohio 43201 614 299-7763 And 614 735-0418 We are back to serve OSU, Short North, and Victorian Village, Grandview, and all Columbus. And all our old friends with a single real Mexican home food Coming soon El Escondido Cocina Mexicana Moblie. Look for us pronto on Facebook and Twitter.

  31. Kat

    bring some food trucks to Hilliard, Ohio, please! We don’t get often enough to the west side and always have those late night cravings… best area in Hilliard for food trucks – somewhere from Old Hilliard to Fishinger Blvd. There’s the Kroger Stripmall on Cemetery with a big parking lot or the next one where the Battery plus store is, or the lot at ALDI or Lowe’s area or the old Big Bear area or even better the Movie Tavern, you might catch some movie goers on the leave or before the movie ;o) food trucks to Hilliard please! Remember Hilliard is more than just Hilliard-Rome Road! Thanks!

  32. Jaime

    Hey KAT, ur right hilliard does need a taco truck, the only thing is that the city of hilliard wont allow it same with Praire Township, i’ve try i work with my family’s taco truck “EL CAMIONCITO DEL SABOR”. Also we are not to far from hilliard. We’re located in the Brandenberry Plaza at 530 Norton rd, Columbus 43228. We have plenty to choose from. Sunday thru Thursday 10am-12pm. Friday and Saturday 10am to 1am.

  33. Jaime

    I like to invite everyone to come try our Taco Stand “El Camioncito Del Sabor” on 530 Norton Rd. on the westside of columbus. We have improve alot over the years. I want to continue to give the best service and food. Your comments help out alot. Thanks.

    Also we accept credit or debit cards for non cash carriers. open from 10am to 12am Sunday thru Thursday and Saturday, Sunday 10am to 1am.
    Hope to see some new faces. Gracias

  34. Kat

    Jaime, I almost suspected such a thing as for the current mayor is kind of a little ‘stuck up’ regarding certain things. anyhow will definately see if I can’t round up my little family (husband and son) and try out you guy’s truck. we have just ‘discovered’ this kind of food. I enjoy it as it helps me with my homesickness (Germany/Europe) a different kind of life and cooking and “fast food”. my husband enjoys good food simply and therefore enjoys this experience. also do you carry la lengua (beef tongue)? – trying to learn the jargon ;o) haven’t had any since my mom made it for me as a teenager but definately recall it being pretty smooth. please stick with the original cooking, do not match it to what we can get at any american-mexican restaurant. Thanks.

  35. Kat

    I’d love to thank Los Potosinos for making our first Taco Truck experience in Columbus such a warm and welcome one. My whole family enjoyed it and my little boy loves the aqua fresca and eating outside! as my hubby works real close by we will definately come back. the taco’s are amazing and the vegetarian cactus option was so amazing, my husband and I both carnivores were really enjoying it! vegetarian can taste great! Thanks again!

  36. Jaime

    Were are here to serve you, and yes we do have Lengua, also we got Tripa (beef tripe). We do our best to keep all authentic flavor and our family seasoning. I really appreciate your honesty. Let me know when you making a trip to Norton Rd and try our tacos. Hope to see you there. thanx

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  38. johndoe

    A new truck just opened across from West Broad Elementary called El Halcon…it’s the best I’ve had!!!! Huge portions and great owners. Try it now!!!

  39. Taco Time truck on Schrock Road (North Columbus), close to Fitzy’s Old Fashioned 24 hour Diner. Cool graphics on the truck. The taco I had was delicioso. I just came out of Fitzy’s stuffed to the gills, when I saw the truck. He’s been there a few months. Here’s a pic, a few more on my Flickr page:

  40. juanita

    You need to update your site. Taco Nazo and La Fognacita are no longer in business.

    • hungrywoolf

      Juanita Your information is not correct. El Fogoncito have moved and they are open for business. Taco Nazo was open on Friday night.

    • Juanita (and other posters) – please check our FAQ site before assuming the status of a truck – some have variable hours, many frequently move (and don’t tell us) and some close for the season.

      • juanita

        I simply said the site needs to be updated,wasn’t making assumptions. Im not reading through dozens of posts to go eat a taco.

        Taco nazos number is disconnected and i’ve been by SEVERAL times during the day and NO truck.

      • Juanita – Mark this as the one time in my online history that I have gotten snippy with a commenting guest.

        You do not need to read through dozens of posts to eat a taco – you can go to the List of Taco Trucks on this website.

        As previously mentioned, our frequently asked questions page explains that the information is as accurate as it can be considering the information we have to work with and that we have jobs and other obligations.

        If you would like to be of some assistance, in the future let us know what day of the week and time of day you have been there and found that Taco Nazo was not there – we will track Quicho down and provide an update.

        It seems you might be better served by Yelp – Type in Taco Trucks in the search term – there are reviews for Taco Nazo as recent as March 12th 2012.

      • juanita

        You’re right. I was foolish to respond as I did.

  41. Bink

    Do you know where Los Potosinos is located these days? I don’t see them in their old location off Georgesville and I don’t see any recent updates on their Facebook page. Thanks!

    • Los Potosinos is ditching their old truck for a new truck and looking at two possible sites closer to downtown….we may see Los Potosinos version 3.0 in the early spring. Watch for details. For now – they are offline and not at their old site or elsewhere.

  42. Brad & Kim

    If you ever choose to venture over to Springfield’s direction there is a fabulous taqueria that is right up your alley (it only has three booths and a counter), Senor Piquin, It has been open for about a year. We would be your proud hosts! The homemade Huaraches are delicious, and the Horchata is addicting.

  43. Jennifer

    Looking for a taco truck to cater a party in Springfield, Ohio in May.
    Any suggestions???

      • Kim

        La Condesa is no longer open as a taco truck, although they do have very small TaqTaqueríauería. Unfortunately, I would no longer recommend them. They were once great, but no longer are so. Their aren’t any Taco Trucks in Springfield anymore, however Senor Piquin is the best! They offer truly authentic Mexican food, with the freshest homemade ingredients. I’m sure they could cater your event in May.

        There are three taco truck in New Carlisle, Ohio, but I don’t believe that the trucks are mobile with the exception on one, Paco’s Tacos. New Carlisle is a small town a short distance west of Springfield. Paco’s is the best of the three Taco trucks, and also offers the best variety (if you know what they offer “off the menu”).

        Hope this helps. I am happy to give you the contact info. for either place.

    • Stefanie Aviles

      Hi, my name is Stefanie, and me and my husband just opened a taco truck here in Springfield. It’s called Taqueria Los Amigos, currently we’re located at the corner of E. Main and Burnett Rd. everyday, with great food and low prices!

      • Kim

        @ Stefanie Aviles, That is great!! We love to support our Taco Trucks in Clark County. Are you open everyday? Lunch? Dinner?

      • Stefanie Aviles

        Now located at 2819 E. Main Street in Springfield, parking lot of Pawnstar pawn shop. Hours are 11-8 or 9

      • Stefanie Aviles

        We’re now located at 2819 E. Main Street in the parking lot of Pawnstar pawn shop. Hours are 11-8 or 9 Tuesday through Sunday

  44. Trev

    Anyone know where Taco Time went? Used to be on Schrock rd near Karl rd (far north side of Columbus). Disappeared last fall and was pretty tasty.

  45. Stefanie Aviles

    @ Kim, we are open Everyday on the corner of S. Burnett Rd. and E. Main Street. Usually the hours are 11am-9pm, weather permitting. Stefanie Aviles

    • John Adkins

      I’m a Spanish teacher in Shelby County and would love to get a Taco Truck out here some day so that the kids could order in Spanish and eat some good comida mexicana. Would you be interested in something like that? I imagine I could guarantee between 100 and 200 customers over a couple days.

  46. John Adkins

    Gracias! I replied to your e-mail.

  47. Jen

    Has anybody else been to El Buen Sazon, on the corner of Cleveland and 161? It’s really good, and the lady who owns it is really friendly!! I tried a huarache there and two of their gorditas: Freakin’ good.

  48. Stefanie Aviles

    Taqueria Los Amigos is now located at 2819 E. Main Street in Springfield. Great food and great prices!

  49. Gregory

    There’s a new Taco Truck near my apartment: On Livingston Ave in front of the used car lot next to Calvary Chapel just west of Brice Rd. Good tacos and burritos.

  50. We just had “Los Texanos” gorditas and were simply amazing!!!! One of our office team mate had never had gorditas before and she absolutely loved them. I recommend going to “Los texanos ” in the corner of I-71 and Weber Rd. You wont regret it!!!!

  51. Susan

    Our favorite truck, Don Pedro, has disappeared. I noticed the truck being serviced in the lot next to Mr. Big’s Garden Inn on Cleveland Ave. about a week ago, and know they’ve been having trouble with the truck this year. I want them to know we miss them and hope they return to their ‘usual’ spot soon! I don’t know how long we can go without their sopas deliciosas!

  52. Francisco G

    We are proud to announce the arrival of Taqueria Don Pedro 2. We will be opening on April 20, 2014 and will be located near 6066 Cleveland Ave. Near the intersection with Deewood Dr. Please come by and check us out!

  53. ra ray

    dos hermanos, a good truck. Food above average. Enjoyed at Easter event for the city of gahanna and at Darby High school in hilliard on Senior day.

  54. Peter

    Trying to find a taco wagon in front of a pawn shop that had el pastor and cabesa all the time. Its a great stop. email me its

    Please help!

  55. Julian Estrada

    Los Texanos , new location
    3166 N High St, Columbus
    Corner of High and Pacemont
    On the side of Super Food Mart.


  56. Alan J.

    trying to remember the name of the taco truck that used to be in the family dollar parking lot off of james road in between livingston ave and main. does anyone remember the name?

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