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El Taco Peton I

tamales in columbus
3881 Cleveland avenue
Columbus Ohio 43224
Monday to Saturday 9 am till 9:30 pm

El Peton has a broad menu with traditional taco truck offerings (tacos, quesadillas, tortas) but also some more unusual dishes:

  • Chalupas  –  a taco with mashed potato and onion and topped with lettuce and shredded chicken.
  • Huraches – a large masa base (sandal shaped and sized) topped with beans, meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream
  • Pambazo – a sandwich containing a fried potato and chorizo mixture, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. (served here with shredded chicken as well)
  • Sinchronizada – is like a quesadilla but it is made with two flour tortillas instead of one folded one and it usually contains ham.
  • Pupusa – popular Central American stuffed corn cake usually filled with cheese, beans, meat or a mixture of the three.

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Previous post from 11/07/11

El Taco Peton is the newest truck on the NE side of town. Parked in the lot of La Cabana lounge it’s open late at the weekends. This truck is the former Pupuseria Salvadorena and is maintaining the same location, so it is appropriate that they still serve pupusas as well as some standard taco truck fare.

el taco peton

These were the thickest pupusas we’ve ever had but they were well cooked and had a nice crunch to them. We visited El Taco Peton on a cold wet rainy evening – so apologies for the menu photo.

taco trucks columbus

The most interesting thing on the menu was the chalupas, something we haven’t seen on any other taco truck menus in Columbus (yes, we know – Taco Bell has something with the same name). The version of chalupa here was different than what we expected – a taco with mashed potato and onion and topped with lettuce and shredded chicken. I liked it but I’m a sucker for mashed potato. The chalupa is pictured below with a couple of tacos (al pastor and asada).

el taco peton

One of the other more unusual dishes was the pambaso (pambazo) – a torta where the bread is dipped in a red guajillo pepper sauce and the filling is potato and chorizo. We didn’t think that it was quite as good as Don Pedro’s – our favorite pambazo in town – but it’s still a satisfying sandwich.

el taco peton columbus


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