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El Tacorriendo


3344 Allegeheny (across from the VA OP Clinc at 420 N. James Road)
Take 670 to the airport – get off at James Road Exit
1030am-1030pm daily
614 560 0497

From Zactecas (Durango)

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Tacorriendo’s motto is ‘No somos los unicos pero silos mejores’ (We are not the only ones but we are the best). While I doubt their claim, this is a professional outfit and the staff even had tacorriendo branded hats and jackets. This is probably the hardest to find truck and definitely a geographical outlier but the truck has been here for 6 years and seemed to have a loyal following. They have some of the best lengua and barbacoa in town and a wide range of protein options.



They serve shrimp cocktail as a special on the weekends. This was the only truck that we saw offering shrimp cocktail.


Serve their tacos etc. with sautéed onions which is different than other trucks where the onions are usually finely chopped and raw.


Ceviche Tostada

Ceviche Tostada

We went back to try the Ceviche Tostada based on a recommendation. Definitely worth a special trip. Refreshing, crispy and delicious.


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