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Taqueria Brothers


Corner of Broad & Warren
614 272 4875
Open 11-8 every day

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We had spotted this truck a while ago, but were never lucky enough to find it open. Luckily some beady eyed taco fans let us know that it was up and running.

Brothers has been open for almost a month and is located conveniently outside a Mexican butchers/grocery store. Also right by an ‘Adult Superstore’ which seems to be a fairly common location for taco trucks. Read into that what you will.

Business has apparently been ‘so-so’ thus far, but it is still early days for this taco truck.


I had three tacos (chorizo, lengua and carne asada). The meat portions were generous but the lengua had enough tastebuds showing to make even this offal fan a little squeamish.


The highlight of my visit was probably the icy cold horchata which was one of the best I have had. Brothers offers esquites, elotes, mango and fruit cocktail as well as the standard taco truck fare.

As an aside, it is interesting how much the salsa’s vary from truck to truck. Many trucks offer a choice of red and green salsas. The ‘red’ salsas actually vary in color dramatically from orange, through reds and browns. Some trucks also have an avocado based guacamole sauce that is worth trying.  The heat varies a lot so it is best to try a little first.


Salsa at Brothers Taqueria

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