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Ghost Trucks

Several months into the hunt, the Taco Truck Team has located twenty trucks and counting. Some trucks close for the winter but warm weather jumpstarts all of the trucks out of hibernation and back to taco slinging. We have continued our quest to track all taco trucks in town but a few remain elusive. We call these Ghost Trucks. Most trucks stay in one place their entire career to build a following. The nature of requirements to run a truck – water, power, etc., preclude a truck from being mobile like many LA Trucks such as Kogi BBQ.

During our winter research we found a large truck cluster on Cleveland Ave. However with spring sprung they have not moved and show no sign of life. My friend BA would call these fake out trucks. I think of this place as the Taco Truck Bermuda Triangle. There are three parked between the Darbo African Restaurant and the (closed) Plaza Mexico at 3768 Cleveland Ave.

Moving a little farther north on Cleveland Avenue, there is a taco truck/trailer that has been parked in a residential driveway since at least February.

Heading a bit to the southwest, Hungry Woolf did some recon based on a tip from Becke at Columbus Foodie. The truck below is in front of Carniceria Brothers at 977 Harrisburg Pike.

photo by Hungry Woolf

photo by Hungry Woolf

This truck has not been open to our knowledge since it first landed on HW radar.

There are a few other trucks we have not glimpsed. Our initial research included a post on Columbus Underground asking for truck locations. One of the leads we received is below.

There is a great taco truck is in the alley (West Gay Street?) at West Broad and Souder Ave in Franklinton. It’s almost like it’s a secret. You can’t see it from West Broad. For five bucks you can get a a HUGE burrito with fresh ingredients including avocado. The owner is Marta. She is a very nice lady. She gave me a free Mexican soda once just so I’d try it. it was some sort of kiwi or banana sugar drink, nasty, but the food there is awesome. They even have tongue!

A few weeks later we got this update.

Absolutely love the burrito buggy at gay and souder, unfortunately it has been closed the past week or so. Marta has been ill and hasn’t had anyone to open up for her. The burritos are excellent and huge.

We have checked back for this truck several times since March and it has not returned.

Another truck we found in the winter was El Paisa Taqueria. We first found it near the intersection of West Broad and Oakley. A few weeks later, we saw it in a parking lot on Georgesville Road near Broad Street. We have not seen it in over a month and we have never found it open at any time.

We have heard rumors of a late night taco truck at El Volcan nightclub on Sullivant Ave.
(Update: A happy ending here, we found this truck thanks to a comment on this post. Yes – the al Pastor at Los Guachos Taqueria is that good – Taco Drew will tell you more.)

We also visited a new truck called La Vacana on Sullivant, but we have not seen it in weeks.

These trucks could be ghosts of trucks past, present, or future. We will keep tabs on them. Let us know if you find any other trucks….that are open. In the meantime, we will keep searching and taco truckin’.


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