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Taqueria La Morena

3796 East Livingston Ave
Daily 10am-10pm

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We are always grateful when readers contact us with information about a new truck, especially when they send a detailed report with the exact address and photos – Thanks Ron! This new truck, run by a friendly couple from Oaxaca, opened at the end of May.

We were particularly interested in the chivo (goat) which is only available at weekends, but for good measure tried some of their regular menu too – cecina and al pastor tacos and a cecina gordita. If you generally order asada (steak) tacos, try cecina or suadero sometime. ‘Beef ‘on the menu generally indicates another option in addition to steak.

The gordita shell was a little thin but otherwise it was a solid offering. The tacos were also fine and we liked the very finely chopped onion, radish and cilantro.

The goat was a big win. The barbacoa de chivo tacos contained tender meat that tasted like stew (we think that the goat is cooked in the soup), so good that we had to order more. Given the ubiquity of Chipotle, barbacoa is generally assumed to be beef, but it simply refers to the method of cooking. Traditionally it meant meats that were slow cooked in a pit, but now it is used to refer to meat that is steamed until tender.

The chivo soup (consome on the menu) was fantastic, perhaps not the best choice of dish for a steamy hot evening but a deeply flavored broth with tender chickpeas and rice. Optional accompaniments were the radish, onion, cilantro mixture which added a little crunch and freshness and some special, extra-hot salsa.

More appropriate for the weather and also a winner was the sandia (watermelon) agua fresca. Home-made agua frescas are usually good, but they are often very sweet. This one was not. It tasted simply like watermelon juice and was wonderfully refreshing.

If you want the best experience at La Morena, check it out at the weekend. The goat is worth a drive across town.


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