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Yumbambé and Taco Trucks Columbus at the Goodale Park Music Series

This Sunday, the Goodale Park Music Series reawakens from its brief mid-summer hiatus to present the latin-jazz vibe of Yumbambé.  Taco Trucks Columbus, as co-sponsors for this show, will be there too, and we’ll be providing tamales from Taqueria Davanne and Mexican sweets from Taco Nazo.

Now, just how much would you pay to be a part of this?  $250?  $125?  Whoa… hold on!!!

Alright. Are you sitting down?  (Arbitrarily) valued at $375, the Goodale Park Music Series and TTC are providing you with this one-of-a-kind experience for free!

The fun starts around noon (Yumbambe plays from 12:30-2:00), and if the spirit moves you, feel free to bring a street food inspired dish (or really anything) to share, potluck style.

We will have two tasty Taco Nazo cakes from Quicho and Betty owners of one of our favorite Taco Trucks!


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