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Taqueria Dos Rositas

east side taco trucks columbus

6065 E Livingston Ave.

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This post has been a while in coming, as this truck was closed for a while over the winter.

taco trucks in columbus

Taqueria Dos Rositas has expanded their menu a lot since last year and added some extra dishes (sopes and taco salad) and additional meat options. It is less common to see  nopales (cactus) , desebrada (shredded beef) or picadillo (ground beef) as options. It seems that they are trying to appeal both to Latino and American audiences. It’s certainly the first taco truck we’ve ever seen that’s serving crab rangoon!

mexican food in columbus

We had a few tacos including lengua which was pretty good and nopales. The highlight was definitely the homemade tortillas. Dos Rositas is a solid truck, so if you are out on the East side check them out.


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Los Texanos


Los Texanos
727 East Weber Rod (parking lot of Weber Stop Market) Near intersection of Weber and Homecroft
Monday to Saturday 11 am to 8 pm
(updated December 2012)

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The Martinez family is planning a new sign for the side of their truck, but they are still debating whether it should say Mexican, Tex-Mex, or both. The family hails from Texas and wife Lucila cooked Tex-Mex food there for 15 years before they moved to Ohio.

They previously operated in Mount Sterling, Ohio, and the move to Columbus is a step towards their ultimate goal of opening their own restaurant. there first location was the Sunoco gas station on West Broad street at the end of April 2010. In August 2010 they moved to the Weber Road location.

Every day Los Texanos has a different $5 lunch special ranging from mole to enchiladas to today’s option (above) of a chicken flauta, a tostada and a corn taco served with rice and beans. It’s a great deal.

The tacos were solid – pictured above are the two beef options – asada (chopped steak) and molida (ground beef). The green salsa was fresh and vibrant but packed a punch. Always a good idea to test the heat first!

Lucilia makes her own tortilla chips for the South West nachos. She apologized because her microwave was broken – normally the cheese would be melted.

Lucila (pictured below) also makes her own flour tortillas, which is rare, even in Mexican restaurants.

The truck does not serve any drinks, but drinks are available in the gas station next door.


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