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Super Torta II

421 Georgesville Rd  (Near railroad tracks and U Haul location)

Open 9am – 10pm daily, closed December – March

614.327.4192 / 614.353.8813

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Super Torta II is in one of the larger trucks we’ve come across (it looks to be a renovated RV).  This, perhaps, accounts for it’s relatively broad menu featuring interesting offerings such as esquites (corn soup with mayo and cheese), tlayudas (a huge tostada-like dish topped with generous slabs of chicken and steak), flan, and snack bags filled with what was described as ‘something similar to fried pasta’.  Of course, all of the usual offerings were present as well, and the tacos we tried were very good.


This, my friends, is a 'Tlayuda'


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