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The Fall of Taco Trucks

(Picture above: This trailer was once orange and white with the nombre of Taqueria Mi Pueblita. A new color scheme and with a new owner who knows what the future might bring.)

The summer of 2010 saw a surge of taco trucks in Columbus with the number topping over forty at one point. The fall seems to see several trucks sliding down the slope of success. Some have disappeared, several have changed locations, changed hands or changed hours of operation. Many of our Taco Truck owner/operator/friends have told us business has slowed down a bit this year.

We are working to track down leads on trucks we have heard about but never found or at least never found open. We are also updating our maps and posts for trucks that have moved or closed. We can use your help. If you find a new truck (trailers or carts count) or a moved truck – let us know but please include (when possible) an address or cross street, hours of operation and/or a phone number. Gracias.

This was a grand season for the taco trade. Quicho from Taco Nazo catered for Rick Bayless at the North Market. Juniors Tacos and Taqueria Jalisco both opened second trucks for catering and alternate locations. Taco Trucks appeared in the Short North for Gallery hop (Juniors), The Columbus Sangria Festival (Juniors), Pecha Kucha (Juniors) and several private parties and special events (Taco Nazo and others).

La Vida Taco/Taco Truck Culture continues to grow. This slice of Latino life can be seen and experienced best at Rhodes Parks on the West side. The Latino community gathers here on Sundays for soccer and siestas. There are a mix of food vendors each Sunday including two or three taco trucks. You can get a taste of this experience from Hungry Woolf.

A Day in the Park with a Hungry Woolf

Mobile Food Mania continues to explode in the capital city and Taco Trucks are very much on the speeding train that this trend has become. Taco Truck friendly festivals are in the works (at the Ohio Historical Society October 14th and Food Cart Food Court at Wonderland on October 17th). We also saw the first gringo taco truck open in Columbus – Mojo TaGo via Street Eats

Another event this year was the birth of Columbus Food Adventures. Two of our team (hungrywoolf & taco drew) now offer public and private tours of taco trucks in Columbus. This season tours will run to the end of October and then will start up again in the spring. Their guided tours are great for those intimidated to visit taco trucks by themselves, or for those who want more information about the food and culture.

The Three Amigos of Taco Trucks Columbus are frequently described as frenetically busy. This is very true. We are engaged in writing many food related blogs (collectively – seven), plotting projects and executing events at any given time. However, this site is still our baby and we remain committed to keeping it updated and useful to our readers. Thanks for your continued support.

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Taqueria Davanne

Corner of 5th and Forsythe, Victorian Village


Closed. This truck is now Taqueria Los Primos

When we first started out with this taco truck blogging adventure, everyone asked us: have you been to the truck next to the Mexican market in Victorian Village?

We had, and it was always closed.

Until now, that is.  A cousin of the owner of the market has taken the truck over, given it a fresh coat of paint, and opened up last week with a limited menu that they plan to expand with time. The hours may also increase over time. The owners are a husband and wife team and were very friendly. The truck name is a compilation of their children’s names.

Currently, they offer tacos, tortas, burritos, and quesadillas filled with your selection from six different meat options.  We tried the cecina, al pastor, and chorizo tacos, and all met or exceeded expectations.  The chorizo in particular was nice – less greasy than most, but lacking nothing in flavor. It is house-made by the grocery store, so you can also go inside and buy some to take home.


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Buenos Dias Columbus


This time last week we were standing in a parking lot eating tacos for breakfast. While we have eaten a lot of tacos in the last 6 months, we don’t usually eat them for breakfast. This was a special occasion, we had been invited by Johnny DiLoretto to appear on Fox 28’s morning show, Good Morning Columbus. So it was that we were watching the sunrise  from a parking lot on 161.


If you missed our TV appearances – We had Johnny riding around on Ray’s big orange cruiser to talk about the taco tour, ordering and eating Lengua tacos live on air and evangelizing about the joys of taco truck food. We are always excited about any opportunity to spread the word about Columbus’s taco truck dining opportunities. There was a lot of food and the trucks kept bringing out more and more dishes. Johnny said that he ate more that he has ever eaten on a morning shoot and I am sold on tacos and tamales for breakfast.


We were really impressed that Johnny comes up with 90% of his location ideas himself. He films somewhere different every week day morning and coming up with novel locations every day is an amazing feat. Every suggestion we made was somewhere he had already been. He does a great job of highlighting independent businesses, interesting places in Columbus and his early morning enthusiasm is amazing and contagious.


The trucks involved were Taco Nazo (in their regular spot near 161 and Maple Canyon) and Don Pedro’s (generally found further north at 6066 Cleveland Ave). They were fantastic as usual, up at the crack of dawn cheerfully producing tables full of food, steaming hot coffee and hot chocolate and tamales. The Taco Nazo team sporting new t shirts, had made a special cake in the shape of their truck and between segments someone even made a little satellite dish for it. It was about as much fun as you can have at 7am.


We also got to try a new dish. Don Pedro’s whipped up some alambres – beef, peppers, onions, cheese and bacon, served with hot flour tortillas. It’s like fajitas for breakfast. Very tasty.


The purpose of the post is mainly to thank Johnny Di Loretto for helping us to publicize the Night of 1001 tacos event; Esteban for helping us liaise with the trucks; the trucks for their enthusiasm and hospitality; and to Johnny’s friend (and former colleague) who told him that he really should do a feature on taco trucks.

Talking about health inspections

Talking about health inspections

Taco Nazo told us that they have served lots of ‘Americans’ who saw them on TV asking for lengua tacos. Good to know that lengua love is spreading.


More photos on flickr.


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Otro Rollo Taqueria


3866 Sullivant Avenue

Open 7 days a week. 7am-11pm

Click here to to map it!

We have been fans of Otro Rollo bakery since we first discovered it on one of our taco  trucking missions. Their tres leche cake and caramel filled churros had us coming back for more. We were excited last month when we saw that they had purchased a taco truck and watched over subsequent visits as it was kitted out. This is not the maiden venture into taco trucking for the hard working owner of Otro Rollo bakery. He previously had a taco truck, but when the bakery business took off, he decided he needed to focus his attention on that. Otro Rollo bakery now delivers freshly baked breads and cakes every day to 35-40 retail customers and with the business doing well, it is time for more tacos.


Temporary menu

Otro Rollo means different from the surroundings, and the owner explained why he thinks his tacos are superior. The motto of Otro Rollo is ‘In flavor, in quality, in service’. The tortillas used are made without preservatives, the agua frescas are made fresh and not from mixes and the meat for the hamburgesas is ground on site. The owner is originally from Monterrey in the North of Mexico and so far he is the first taqueria owner we have met from that area.

Otro Rollo has the usual menu items but also features the Mexican hamburger which comprises a thin beef patty with bacon, ham, cheese, avocado, onion, lettuce and tomato. It was a tasty burger, the main difference from an American hamburger being the thinner beef patty and the ham and avocado.


Otro Rollo has a few meat choices that are not commonly found at other trucks:
Tinga – a slow cooked chicken dish with 3 peppers, seasonings and onions. The peppers are used mainly for color and the flavor is a little spicy, a little sweet and more than a hint of chipotle smokiness.
Birria – a beef stew made with 5 peppers but not hot. The owner told us that he uses his grandmother’s recipe. Think barbacoa with more flavor.
Puerco – a pork dish that we didn’t get to try. Will update when we do.


The tacos were distinguished by having slices of avocado on top, something we have not seen at other trucks.We tried a variety of tacos including lengua, al pastor, barbacoa, birria and tinga. The lengua was above average, the birria flavorful and tender but the biggest hit was the tinga. This is the first truck I have seen it at and it is much better (in my opinion) than the usual chicken offerings. In fact the tinga was so good that we had to order more and tried it on a sope.


Sope with tinga

There were the standard red and green salsas (both good) and we were also given a taste of a different (and hotter) hot sauce made with peanuts.

Otro Rollo starts serving breakfast at 7am. We did not see their full breakfast menu, but were told that they will be serving tamales, omelettes, huevos, ham, bacon and other breakfast food. They also have the benefit of being right next to the bakery! We will be heading back out there soon to check out the tamales.



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Taco TV, a Podcast plus Dining and Discovery with the Dispatch

A convergence of all things Taco Truck is in the works for June 24th.

Of course Wednesday is the Taco Trucks Columbus Meat Up with Columbus Underground at Los Guachos.

All al Pastor is Taco Roland Approved

All al Pastor is Taco Roland Approved

Columbus Foodcast
has just released the first podcast of the Taco Trucks Chronicles – click HERE to listen.

You may recall our afternoon Taco TV adventure with Channel Ten and Robin Davis a few weeks ago – the world premiere goes on the air during the noon news on June 24th.

Last week, we took Kevin Joy and Eric Albrecht of the Dispatch on a night of Taco Touring. The story of our three hour tour and more will be in the newspaper Wednesday morning.

We gave Kevin (writer) and Eric (photographer) the full Taco Truck experience: a failed search, a new find, the path of addiction to al Pastor and what turned out to be the pageant of Los Potosinos.

We formed up into a Taco Truck caravan to search for Chapis Tacos but we missed them.

Next we were off to follow up on a lead of a new Sullivant Ave. truck which turned out to be Taqueria Los Tolucos.

The discovery of a new truck allowed Kevin to observe how we sample the fare, photograph and document for a Taco Truck post.

We went on to Los Guachos for some al Pastor. If Kevin and Eric were on the Taco Truck fence – this is where they picked the right side. Both are now smitten with Los Guachos al Pastor tacos. Note to the Dispatch and next of kin, if Mr. Albrecht ever goes AWOL and it is after 4 PM, there is a 93% chance he will be eating an al Pastor taco or gringa at a certain spot on the west side.

We wrapped up the night at Los Potosinos. Since Taco Trucks Columbus and this Taco Truck started about the same time, we feel we have grown up together.

Lidia and Eladeo went all out for our visit. There was a spread of food – including the infamous Potosinos Pollo al Carbon and ice cream. Catering to Taco Gourmand – there was goat meat as well.

If that was not enough – we had a musical performance by Lidia’s niece.

It was quite a night and we accomplished our mission – two more converts to the Taco Truck Cult. This is a great way to celebrate six months of Taco Truck Tracking.

Thanks to everyone from Hungry Woolf, Taco Drew and CMH Gourmand. We appreciate the help, support and tips to date. And now that we are hitting the thirty truck mark….we will keep walking the taco truck beat.

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